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Christian Rock Apologetics - I also have a link to this page in Chapter 1 of my book. There are really great essays covering many more topics in general about Christian rock and worship than are listed here. Many hot internet topics and debates are covered as well. A really great resource to further your research.

Christian Rock Defended - A great site with the author's view, testimony, and links to articles for and against Christian rock.

Christian Rock Music - A great essay by Dale Thompson of the band Bride concerning those who condemn the style.

Metal For Jesus.org - Very informative page with testimonies, various theological studies relating to Christian metal, band information, and an email address to get your questions answered.

Christian Rock - A testimony by a former addict who tells it like it is! There are some good points here, controversial but good. I really like this one.

Shredding the Lies - The author rips apart any of the legalistic lies he comes across on the internet. Included are Christian rock and legalism. Very original articles as well as many rebuttals against those articles that condemn Christian rock.

Can God Use Rock Music? - Written by Keith Green, this is one of the most thought provoking articles on music that I've read. It gets to the root of the problem which is before you can call something evil you really have to study in detail what music is. It looks at various angles from both sides (not just one) while emphasizing motivation as a big factor. Last but not least it also discusses the infamous "Jungle-Rhythm" stories. Great examples and many Biblical references.

Jeremy's Christian Rock World - A very well laid out site with polls, lyrics, sound clips and a mailing list for updated news.

The SDA Church Manual - Discusses the place of music in worship. This is a PDF file. See chapter 8, pages 78-79.

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