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Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon

Please note the following...E=english title J=Japanese Title JT=Translated Japanese Title

Episode 1: A Moon Star Is Born(E)Nakimushi Usagi no karei naru henshin!(J)The Crybaby Usagi's Splendid Transformation!(JT)

The first episode of Sailor Moon introduces 14 year old, grade 8 student Serena (Her Japanese name is Tsukino Usagi, and so I am going to call her Usagi from here on) who attends Crossroads Junior High School. After failing another test, Luna the talking cat visits her and gives her a broach with which she uses to transform into Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon then resuces her best friend, Molly, from an evil youma from the Negaverse. Sailor Moon defeats the Youma with the help of the mysterious Tuxedo Mask.

Note:The following characters make their first appearance in this episode: Usagi Tsukino, Sammy/Shingo Tsukino, Ikuko Tsukino/Serena's mom, Kenji Tsukino/Serena's dad, Ms. Patricia Haruna/Sakurana Haruna (Usagi's Teacher), Molly Baker/Naru Osaka (Usagi's best friend), Melvin/Umino Gurio (The school brain), Queen Beryl, Jedite/Jadeite, Darien Shields/Mamoru Chiba, Sailor Moon, and Tuxedo Mask/Tuxedo Kamen. The following items/attacks are introduced: Sailor Moon's broach, Moon Prisim Power (Henshin phrase), Moon tiara, Moon tiara magic (attack phrase).

Skipped Episode 2: Oshiokiyo! Uranai house ha yoma no yakata!(J)I'll punish you! The fortune house is a yoma's mansion!(JT)

When Umino expresses his love for Usagi to Naru, she tells him to go see the new fortune teller in Tokyo for advice. The fortune teller is actually one of Jadeite's yoma. The yoma possesses Umino (as well as other students) and makes him act out his every desire (which includes flipping Ms.Sakurada's skirt up-maybe that's why this one wasn't dubbed, eh?) Before the students start a riot Sailor Moon vaporizes the yoma. The next day not one of the possessed students remembers a thing.

Episode 2(E)/3(J): Talk Radio(E)Nazono nemuribyou, mamore otomeno koisuru kokoro!(J)The Mysterious Sleeping Disease, Protect the Young Girl's Loving Heart!

To gather energy for the Negaverse, Jadeite holds a late night talk show called "the love line". The writer of the letter read on the air recieves a beautiful flower. However, the flower drains their energy, causing them to fall asleep. After Ms. Sakurana and Naru fall asleep, Usagi disguises herself and goes inside the radio station. She exposes Jadeite's plan and destroy's his yoma.

Note: Andrew/Mitoki Furuhata first appears.Items/Phrases: The Lunar Pen (often called the Luna Pen as well), Disguise Power!(phrase)

Episode 3(E)/4(J): Slim City(E)Usagi ga oshiemasu! Slim ni naruho!(J) Usagi Will Teach You! The Way to Get Slim!(JT)

Usagi becomes concerned about her weight and, not being very bright, decides the best way to remain thin is by starving herself and working out at the fitness center. Jadeite is trying to steal the energy humans expend on fitness. Usagi discovers the fitness center's "relaxation pods" are actually part of a Negaverse plot to drain engery. She transforms into Sailor Moon and defeats the youma Jadeite had sent.

Skipped Episode 5:Yoma no Kaori! Shaneera ha aiwo nusumu!(J)The Demonic Scent! Shaneera Steals Love!(JT)

Usagi finds her brother, Shingo, cringing in fear of Luna and remembers that he has always been afraid of cats because, as a baby, a cat bit him on the nose. Shingo doesn't want to keep Luna, but Usagi does. Later that day, at the pet store, Shingo and his friends see cute little animals called Shaneera. They are actually Negaverse creatures and using hypnosis, force Shingo to bring one home. Usagi goes to the pet store and falls prey to the hypnotism. Luna knocks the Shaneera from Usagi's hands and she returns to normal. Usagi goes back to the pet shop as Sailor Moon and confronts the owner, who turns out to be (surprise!) a yoma! She is attacked by all the hypnotised children. Sailor Moon then uses her tiara to sprinkle dust on the children, returning them to normal. After the yoma is destroyed, Shingo approaches Sailor Moon, thinking she is Sailor V. Shingo asks for an autograph and is nice to Luna from then on.

Note: Sailor Moon's attack in this episode is called Moon Tiara Stardust. This is the only time she ever uses it.

Skipped Episode 6: Mamore koino melody! Usagi ha cupid!(J) Protect the Song of Love! Usagi Plays Cupid!(JT)

Jadeite tells Queen Beryl that his new plan for gathering energy is to place subliminal music on audio recordings that will steal human energy. He then sends a yoma to copy the music at a recording studio, but the tape ends up in the hands of a recording artist names Yusuke. He is attacked by the Yoma and bumps into Usagi while running away. He tells Usagi how he was chased and then starts to work at a nightclub. Usagi suspects the Negaverse is involved (how astute!) and uses the Lunar Pen to disguise herself as a musician. After Yusuke leaves the club he is attacked again and the yoma manages to repossess the recording. Before the music can be played, however, Sailor Moon kills the yoma.

Episode 4(E)/7(J): So You Want to be a Superstar(E) Usagi hansei! Star no michiha kibishii!(J) Usagi's Reconsideration! The Road to Stardom is Difficult!(JT)

Usagi and Naru Decide to compete in a talent contest sponsered by the idol, Saffron. However, the two decide to split up after a fight, and Naru dresses Umino up like a girl to use as her partner. Usagi and Luna learn that this is actually a Negaverse trap to gather energy. Sailor Moon arrives and destroys the yoma that had disguised itself as Saffron.

Episode 5(E)/8(J): Computer School Blues(E) Tensai shojoha yoma nano? Kyoufuno sennoujuku!(J) Is the Genius Girl a Youma? The Scary Brain-Washing Cram School!(JT)

A new student arrives at Usagi's school. She is a fourteen year-old girl genius named Amy Anderson/Mizuno Ami (I will use Ami)and she and Usagi quickly become friends. Luna suspects that she is a negaverse yoma and decides to inspect a computer disk Ami dropped to find out. The disk is found to contain a brainwashing program so Usagi uses the Lunar Pen to disguise herself as a school superintendant. She then discovers that Ami is not the yoma, the teacher is! As Sailor Moon is attacked by dozens of brainwashed students, Luna sees the sign of Mercury appear on Ami's forehead. She throws Ami her Transformation Pen and Ami becomes Sailor Mercury. Together she and Sailor Moon destroy the yoma and stop Jadeite from taking the students energy.

Note: Amy Anderson/Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury first appears. Items/Phrases: The Mercury Henshin Pen is first used. Mercury Power (Make Up! Is added in Japanese)(Henshin phrase), Mercury Bubbles(E)/Shabon Spray(J) (attack)

Episode 6(E)/9(J): Time Bomb(E) Usagi no sainan! Awate dokeini goyoujin!(J) Usagi's Misfortune! Beware of the Rushing Clock!(JT)

Jadeite sets an evil spell upon the clocks in Tokyo, which causes the people to become frantic. Amy avoids the spell and can still be reasonable, unlike Usagi. Sailor Moon and Mercury enter a time portal to destroy the yoma responsible, and suceed.

Note: Items/Phrases: Mercury is given a computer that is slightly larger than a compact, Mercury uses her VR Visor(E)/Goggles(J)

Episode 7(E)/10(J): An Uncharmed Life(E) Norowareta Bus! Honoo no senshi Mars toujou!(J) The Cursed Bus! The Warrior of Flames Mars Appears!(JT)

Usagi, Ami, and Luna think that the Negaverse may be behind the disappearances of busloads of girls at Cherry Hill Temple(E)/Hikawa Jinja on Sendai Hill(J). After going to the shrine, they meet Raye Hino/Hino Rei (I'm using Rei, a fourteen year-old priestess who lives and works at the temple with her grandfather. While reading fire one night, Rei discovers that their new employee, Jed, is behind the disappearances. Jed is really Jadeite in disguise and drags Rei through a portal into the place where the buses of girls are. Usagi uses the Lunar Pen to turn into a Flight Attendant so she would have the courage to get on one of the cursed buses. She transforms into Sailor Moon and attempts to rescue Rei from a yoma. However, Rei discovers she is Sailor Mars and helps destroy the yoma. They then return, with the buses, out the portal that Ami had been keeping open.

Note: Grandpa Hino and Raye Hino/Rei Hino first appear. Items/Phrases: Mars Power (Make up! added in Japanese)(Henshin Phrase) Mars Fire Ignite!(E)/Fire Soul(J) (attack), Mars Henshin Pen (item)

Episode 8(E)/11(J): Nightmare in Dreamland(E) Usagi to Rei taiketsu? Yume Land no Amkumu!(J) Usagi and Rei Face Off? The Nightmare of Dream Land!(JT)

Usagi, Rei, and Ami go to the local amusement park to investigate the recent disappearances of people. They discover that a yoma has been feeding people cake and candy that takes their energy after putting them to sleep. The Sailor Scouts(E)/Senshi(J) (I choose to use Senshi. It means Soldier(s)) destroy the yoma and rescue the people.

Note: Items/Phrases: Mars Fireballs Charge(E)/Aku Ryo Tai San(J)/Evil Spirits Begone(JT) (attack), Sailor Mars and Sailor Moon first combine attacks.

Episode 9(E)/12(J): Cruise Blues(E) Watashi datte karega hoshii! Goukasen no wanna!(J) I Want a Boyfriend Too! Trap of Cruise Ship!(JT)

Jadeite and a yoma called Titus host a couples cruise to take the love energy of the passengers. Rei wins a pair of tickets and refuses to take Usagi. She invites Ami instead. Usagi uses the Lunar Pen to sneak on board as a photographer. The Senshi discover the plan and destroy Titus. Queen Beryl, very angry with Jadeite's failures, says that she will decide his fate.

Episode 10(E)/13(J): Fight to the Finish(E) Onnanokoha danketsuyo! Jadeite no Saigo!(J) The Girls are in Unison! The End of Jadeite!(JT)

Beryl decides to give Jadeite one last chance. If he can destroy the Sailor Senshi, she will reward him. Jadeite projects his image over the city to deliver a message to the Sailor Senshi. When the Senshi arrive at the airport, Jadeite learns their true identities. He then uses airplanes to chase them. However, Mars uses a charm on Jadeite and the planes run him over. He returns to Beryl who will not listen to his pleas nor acknowledge that he has learned the identities of the Senshi. Beryl places Jadeite in "Eternal sleep". She then gives Nephrite control over the energy stealing operation.

Episode 11(E)/14(J): Match Point for Sailor Moon(E) Aratanaru kyouteki, Nephrite mano monshou!(J) A New Formidable Enemy, the Evil Coat of Arms Nephrite!(JT)

Nephrite tells Queen Beryl that instead of stealing energy from grooups of people, they should take it from a person whose energy is almost at its maximum output. Nephrite poses as millionaire Maxfield Stanton (I don't know his Japanese name! Gomen nasai!) Nephrite targets a girl named Katie (again, I don't know the Japanese), who is Naru's friend, and places a Yoma in her tennis racquet. The yoma is released from the racquet when Katie's energy reaches its max. Sailor Moon arrives and destroys the yoma, with some help from good ol' Tuxedo Mask, just before Mercury and Mars arrive.

Note: Zoycite(E)/Zoicite(J) first appears.

Episode 12(E)/15(J): An Unnatural Phenomena(E) Usagi aseru! Rei-chan hatsu date!(J) Usagi Upset! Rei-chan's First Date!(JT)

Rei forces Mamoru into going on a date at the park. Meanwhile, Nephrite has chosen the park's gardener, Mr. Baxter, to be the next target. The park animals go crazy and attack people while under the control of the yoma that is feeding of the gardener's energy. Rei, Ami, and Usagi transform into Sailor Senshi and defeat the yoma.

Episode 13(E)/16(J): Wedding Day Blues(E) Junpaku dress no yume! Usagi hanayome ni naru!(J) Pure white Dress Dream! Usagi Becomes a Bride!(JT)

Nephrite's target this time, is Usagi's Home Economics teacher, Miss Lambert. Nephrite put a yoma into the material that the teacher has choosen for her wedding dress. The teacher decides to enter her dress in a contest in which the winner wins a honeymoon trip. Rei and Usagi, both intent on entering the contest try to get material to make dresses but fail. Usagi uses the Lunar Pen to transform into a bride and investigate the contest. When the yoma is released, the Sailor Senshi destroy it and return Miss Lambert to normal.

Episode 14(E)/17(J): Shutter Bugged(E) Model ha Usagi? Yoma camera no nessha!(J) Usagi a model? Focus of the Demon Camera!(JT)

Peter Fisher, a famous photographer, is choosen as Nephrite's target. Nephrite places a yoma inside Peter's camera. It makes Peter, who normally photographs landscapes, want to photograph people! Usagi enters the modeling contest Peter is holding to discover Peter's camera is possessed by a yoma. The released yoma captures Peter, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, and Luna! However Sailor Moon manages to defeat the yoma and save her friends!

Funny Note: In the English dub, Rei claims that Peter Fisher goes to her school, however Rei goes to an all girls school. Is there something DiC isn't telling us? *^_^*

Episode 15(E)/18(J): Dangerous Dollies(E) Shingo no junjyou! Kanashimi no France ningyou!(J) Shingo's Love! Sorrow French Doll!(JT)

Nephrite's target is a girl named Mika, who makes dolls. Mika is Shingo's girlfriend. When Shingo breaks one of Mika's dolls, she refuses his apology, because of the influence of the Negaverse. Usagi takes Shingo to the doll fair to make up with Mika, the yoma comes out of Mika's doll. However the Sailor Senshi destroy the yoma and Shingo and Mika are reunited.

Episode 16(E)/19(J): Who is that Masked Man?(E) Usagi kangeki! Tuxedo Kamen no love letter!(J) Usagi's so Happy! Tuxedo Kamen's Love Letter!(JT)

Nephrite decides to trap Sailor Moon by posing as Tuxedo Mask. He sends out hundreds of love letters to lure the girl who is Sailor Moon to him. He mistakes Naru for Sailor Moon however. When Sailor Moon arrives, Nephrite summons a yoma to attack her. The real Tuxedo Mask arrives in time to save Sailor Moon and help destroy the yoma.

Skipped Episode 20: Natsuyo Umiyo Seishunyo! Omakeni yuureimoyo!(J) Summer, Ocean, Youth! Also a ghost!(JT)

Usagi, Ami, and Rei go to a private beach resort where they plan to practice the Senshi abilities over summer break. However, the beach house is a haunted, creepy old mansion run by an older man who looks after his daughter Sakiko. It is revealed that a spirit is what is haunting the house when Rei's intuition tells her it isn't a yoma. The spirit is too powerful for the Senshi to defeat but Sakiko, who has special powers, is able to destroy it. The Senshi decide to enjoy the rest of their vacation at the mansion.

Episode 17(E)/21(J): An Animated Mess(E) Kodomotachino yumemamore! Anime ni nusubu yuujou!(J) Protect the Dreams of Children! The Friendship Bound in Anime!(JT)

Ami finds some animation cells for the Sailor V movie and has to return them to an artist named Lori. Lori's pencil had 2 yoma placed inside it by Nephrite earlier. When the yoma twins are released and confront the Sailor Senshi, they use the same attacks as Sailor Mars and Mercury. When the yoma begin fighting about who gets to finish off the Sailor Senshi, the 3 combine attacks and destroy the yoma twins.

Episode 18(E)/22(J): Worth a Princess's Ransom(E) Gekkano romance! Usagi no hatsu kiss!(J) Romance Under the Moon! Usagi's First Kiss!(JT)

Queen Beryl tells Nephrite to start looking for the Imperium Silver Crystal. They believe it may be owned by Princess Diamond, who has just arrived in the city. Luna thinks Princess Diamond may be the Moon Princess and sends Usagi, Ami, and Rei to investigate. Usagi uses the Lunar Pen to disguise herself as a beautiful princess to get inside. Nephrite possesses the Princess and tries to steal the crystal. Usagi, who had ben dancing with Tuxedo Mask earlier, is thrown over the balcony by the Princess, along with Tuxedo Mask! Using her parasol, they float to the ground where the Senshi stop Nephrite. They discover that Princess Diamond isn't their Princess and doesn't have the Silver Crystal. Usagi continues to enjoy the party when she sees Tuxedo Mask. They go outside where they share a kiss under the moonlight.

Episode 19(E)/23(J): Molly's Folly(E) Nagareboshini negaiwo! Naru-chan no junai!(J) Wishing on a Shooting Star! Naru-chan's Pure Love!(JT)

Nephrite creates the Star Crystal to help him find the Silver Crystal. It shows an image of Naru. Zoicite sends a yoma to watch over Nephrite. Usagi attempts to convince Naru to stay away from Maxfield, because she knows his true identity. Nephrite visits Naru to ask for her help in finding the Silver Crystal. Naru steals a beautiful gem from her mother's store, thinking it may be the one. Zoicite's yoma thinks that it IS the crystal and attacks them. Nephrite saves Naru and the Senshi destroy the yoma. Sailor Moon is about to destroy Nephrite when Naru stands in the way. Naru passes out and Usagi lets Nephrite go.

Note: In this episode Sailor Moon halts her tiara attack for the first time.

Episode 20(E)/24(J): A Friend in Wolf's Clothing(E) Naru-chan goukyuu! Naphrite ainoshi!(J) Naru-chan's Tears! Death of Nephrite for Love!(JT)

Nephrite wants to expose Sailor Moon's identity through Naru. Naru is kidnapped by Zoicite's yoma to draw Nephrite into a trap. Naphrite rescues Naru, proving his love for her. However, the yoma make a surprise attack and leave Nephrite mortally wounded. The Sailor Senshi destroy the yoma but Zoicite steals the Star Crystal and leaves as Nephrite fades away into the air and Naru is devastated.

Note: Nephrite is killed.

Episode 21(E)/25(J): Jupiter Comes Thundering In(E) Koisuru kairiki shojo, Jupiter-chan!(J) Power Girl in Love, Jupiter-chan!(JT)

Queen Beryl tell Zoicite that she no longer needs him to steal energy and should look, instead, for the seven rainbow crystals. In order to create the silver crystal, they must have all seven rainbow crystals, which are inside hosts. By releasing the seven crystals, the powerful Shadow Warriors will be released as well. Usagi makes friends with Lita/Makoto (I use Makoto), who has started going to her school. Later that day, Usagi, Makoto and Game Machine Joe, are attacked by Zoicite. Zoicite takes the rainbow crystal from within Joe, turning him into Game Machine Man. Luna gives Makoto her Henshin Pen and Makoto becomes Sailor Jupiter. Luna also gives Usagi the Crescent Moon Wand to turn Joe back to normal.

Note: Lita/Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter makes her first appearance Items/Phrases: Jupiter Power(Make up!)(Henshin Phrase) Jupiter Henshin Pen (item) Jupiter Thunder Crash(E)/Supreme Thunder(J)(attack) Moon Healing Activation(E)/Moon Healing Escalation(J)(phrase) Crescent Moon Wand(item) FUNY NOTE! Zoicite was a man in the manga, a homosexual man in the original anime, and a straight woman in the english dub...*^_^*

Episode 22(E)/26(J): The Power of friendship(E) Naru-chan ni egaowo! Usagi no yuujou!(J) Smile Naru-chan! Usagi's Frienship!(JT)

Usagi, Naru, and Umino go out to cheer Naru up, who is still devastated by the death of Nephrite. Naru goes to speak with a priest about her loss when they are attacked by Zoicite. The rainbow crystal from the Priest flys away, turning him into Bobo the Vulture. Umino attempts to save Naru from the yoma. Sailor Moon calls for back up and soon she and Jupiter heal the priest. Tuxedo Mask finds the crystal and runs off with it, leaving behind a star shaped locket that Sailor Moon finds. It is then revealed that Mamoru is Tuxedo Mask.

Episode 23(E)/27(J): Mercury's Mental Match(E) Ami-chan he no koi!? Mirai yochi no shonen!(J) Love for Ami-chan!? A Boy Who Sees the Future!(JT)

The next rainbow crystal carrier is a boy named Greg, in Ami's class. Greg and Ami become friends and he tells her he can see the future and knows she is Sailor Mercury. Greg's rainbow crystal is taken and he turns into Bumboo. Sailor Moon heals him but Greg and Ami have to say goodbye when his father is transfered to another city.

Episode 24(E)/28(J): An Artful Attack(E) Koino irasuto, Usagi to Mamoru ga sekkin?(J) The Illustration of Love, Usagi and Mamoru Getting Closer?(JT)

A girl named Loni Lanai, who paints under the alias of Peggy Jones, has become a popular artist. She is also a carrier of a rainbow crystal. Peggy wants to use Usagi and Mamoru as models for her artwork. Later that night Peggy's crystal is removed turning her into Veena. Sailor Moon saves Tuxedo Mask from Zoicite's attack. Tuxedo Mask refuses to give the crystal to anyone. Sailor Moon heals Peggy and confronts Tuxedo Mask aboutt he locket. He tells her to keep, because he might lose it again.

Episode 25(E)/29(J): Too Many Girlfriends(E) Daikonsen! Gucha gucha koi no shikaku kankei!(J) Total Chaos! Mixed-up Love Rectangle!(JT)

Usagi and Makoto discover that Mitoki has a girlfriend named Rita. Zoicite removes a rainbow crystal from Rita, turning her into Techniclon. Sailor Moon manages to return Rita to normal.

Episode 26(E)/30(J): Grandpa's Follies(E) Ojii-chan ranshin, rei-chan no kiki!(J) Grandpa's Insanity, Rei-chan in Jeopardy!(JT)

Chad/Yuuchirou Kumada, a wandering musician appears at the temple and Rei's grandpa takes him on as an apprentice. Zoicite removes the rainbow crystal from Grandpa Hino, turning him into Pox. Yuuchirou is knock out by an attack from Pox but the Sailor Senshi return Grandpa to normal.

Episode 27(E)/31(J): Kitty Chaos(E) Koisarete owarete! Luna no saiakuno hi!(J) Loved and Chased! Luna's Worst Day!(JT)

The last rainbow crystal carrier is a huge cat named Hercules, who has a crush on Luna. Zoicite chases Luna and Hercules into the sewer system where he is attacked by hundreds of rats. Once outside, Zoicite takes Hercules crystal and turns him into a huge, monster cat. The Sailor Senshi arrive and return Hercules to normal.

Episode 28(E)/32(J): Tuxedo Melvin(E) Umino no kesshin! Naru-chan ha bokuga mamoru!(J) Umino's decision.! I'll Protect Naru-chan!(JT)

Umino dresses up like Tuxedo Mask to win Naru's affection. Zoicite is fooled by the disguise and later, one of his yoma imprison Naru and Umino, making her hand over the rainbow crystal she found, to the Negaverse, in order to save her friends.

Episode 29(E)/33(J): Sailor V Makes the Scene(E) Saigono Sailor Senshi Venus toujou!(J) The Last Sailor Warrior, Venus Comes!(JT)

Malachite/Kunzite and Zoicite decide to join up to take Tuxedo Mask's rainbow crystals. Zoicite disguises himself as Sailor Moon and fakes capture. The Sailor Senshi think this second Sailor Moon may be the last Sailor Senshi. Tuxedo Mask is attacked by the fake Sailor Moon, who reveals himself as Zoicite. During battle his mask is knocked off and Queen Beryl recognizes him as Prince Darien/Prince Endymion. Tuxedo Mask escapes, wounded, and goes to help the Sailor Senshi. However they are rescued by the fifth Sailor Senshi, Sailor Venus, and her cat, Artemis.

Note: Sailor Venus and Artemis make their first appearance. Items/Phrases: Venus Crescent Beam Smash(E)/Crescent Beam(J) (attack)

Episode 30(E)/34(J): A Crystal Clear Destiny(E) Hikari karayaku ginzuishou! Tsukino princess toujou!(J) Shining Crystal! The Moon Princess Returns!(JT)

Zoicite challenges Mamoru to a duel, winner takes all the rainbow crystals. Usagi runs into Mamoru before the battle and is transported to Zoicite along with Mamoru. Usagi and Mamoru have to reveal their identities to each other when they transform. Tuxedo Mask is nearly killed in battle and when Sailor Moon begins to cry, the seven crystals come together to form the silver crystal. The crystal joins with the crescent moon wand and reveals that Sailor Moon is Princess Serena/Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom.

Note: Mina/Aino Minako, Princess Serena/Princess Serenity, and the Silver Imperium Crystal/The Silver Crystal first appear.

Episode 31(E)/35(J): A Reluctant Princess(E) Yomigaeru kioku! Usagi to Mamoru no kako!(J) Returning Memories! Usagi and Mamoru's Past!(JT)

Princess Serenity uses the silver crystal to block an attack from Zoicite. She and Mamoru, who is very near death, remember their past life on the moon. After Serenity passes out, she turns back into Sailor Moon. Kunzite appears and kidnaps Mamoru, on Queen Beryl's orders. Queen Beryl kills Zoicite for not following orders. Sailor Moon awakens to learn that Mamoru has been kidnaped. She refuses to deal with the fact that she can't be a normal girl again. Kunzite appears and attacks the Sailor Senshi. Sailor Moon beats Kunzite, and saves her friends.

Note: Prince Darien/Prince Endymion first appears. Zoicite is killed by Queen Beryl. Phrases/Items: Cosmic Moon Power(E)/Moon Prism Power(J)(attack)

Episode 32(E)/36(J): Bad Hair Day(E) Usagi konran! Tuxedo Kamen ha aku?(J) Usagi's Confusion! Evil Tuxedo Mask?(JT)

Usagi falls into depression but Minako tries to cheer her up by taking her to get her hair done at a new parlor. The parlor is part of the Negaverse, who analyzes each persons hair, trying to find Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon and Venus nearly defeat Kunzite's youma but Tuxedo Mask, now an ally of the Negaverse, stops them, demanding the Silver Crystal, at any cost.

Note: Venus Power (Make Up! added in Japanese)(Henshin Phrase), Tuxedo Mask throws a black rose.

Episode 33(E)/36(J): Little Miss Manners(E) Mesaze princess? Usagi no chintokkun!(J) Aim to be a Princess? Usagi's Strange Training!(JT)

Usagi enroles in a finishing school, trying to become more like a princess. One of Kunzite's youma is running the school however, in an attempt to find Sailor Moon, the Moon Princess. Sailor Moon, Mars, and Venus defeat the youma while Kunzite and Tuxedo Mask argue over whether they should kill Sailor Moon or take the Silver Crystal.

Episode 34(E)/37(J): Ski Bunny Blues(E) Yukiyo yamayo yuujouyo! Yappari yomamoyo!(J) Snow, Mountains, Frienship! Also a Youma Too!(JT)

Kunzite sabatoges a skiing race in another attempt at finding Sailor Moon. Rei and Usagi are in the lead when a youma traps them. Yuuchirou tries to rescue them but in the end, Tuxedo Mask saves the Sailor Senshi at the last moment when he remembers for a moment of his love for Usagi. He threatens to return and take the Silver Crystal.

Romantic Notes: Rei kisses an unconcious Yuuchirou on the cheek, Tuxedo Mask shows his first signs of remembering his love for Usagi.

Episode 35(E)/38(J): Ice Princess(E) Youma to pair? Hyoujou no jouou Mako-chan!(J) A Pair With the Youma? The Queen on Ice, Mako-chan!(JT)

Kunzite's youma possess to figure skating superstars in an attempt to find Sailor Moon's real identity. Because Makoto is a gifted skater the youma think she is Sailor Moon. However, Sailor Moon and Jupiter restore the youma to their original state. Tuxedo Mask leaves before Sailor Moon can heal him.

Episode 36(E)/39(J): Last Resort(E) Mizuumi densetsu youkai! Usagi kazoku no kizuna!(J) The Lake of Monster Legend! Usagi's Family Tie!(JT)

Usagi's family goes on a trip to a hot springs where it is said, a monster has been trapped in the lake for hundres of years. Prince Endymion goes to investigate this and releases the monster, telling it that it must serve the Negaverse. The Monster refuses and attacks him. The Sailor Senshi show up and turn the monster back into the peaceful water sprite it once was. Kunzite watches Prince Endymion fail to get the Silver Crystal again.

Episode 37(E)/40(J): Tuxedo Unmasked(E) Mou koikara nigenai! Ami to Mamoru taiketsu!(J) I Won't Run Away From Love Any More! Ami and Mamoru Face Off!(JT)

Queen Beryl sends Prince Endymion to trap the people who once held the seven rainbow crystals to turn them into the Seven Shadows. Prince Endymion is succesful until he tries to kidnap Greg. Greg warns the Sailor Senshi. Sailor Mercury tricks Prince Endymion and breaks the crystal in which the people were trapped. Sailor Moon heals Prince Endymion but he is stolen away by Queen Beryl who planes to brainwash him again.

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