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Bowling Tips!
To Improve Your Game And Scores

Try The Drop Away Method

The drop away method replaces the push away. I find it more consistent and easier to do. In the drop away method you hold the ball high up at shoulder height in the stance. Take a normal size 1st step but don't move the ball. Then at the start of the 2nd step let the ball drop straight down into the swing. If this feels awkward try sliding the foot out on the 1st step until you get used to it. The rest of the approach is the same as the push away.

Keep Your Arm Swing Loose

The key to a loose arm swing is keeping your thumb relaxed in the ball. In order to have a relaxed grip in the ball your ball has to be drilled and fitted correctly. If your thumb hole feels loose it will cause you to squeeze the ball and muscle your swing. Inserts in the thumb and finger holes can help give you a more secure fit. If you have a large webbing at the base of your thumb add extra bevel all around the top edge of the thumb hole for a better fit.

Balance Body For Solid Finish

On the last step bend your knee to get down lower to the lane and slide your foot straight towards the foul line making sure it doesn't turn. Think of it as sliding into a deep knee bend. Counter balance your body by moving your non-sliding leg sideways to the opposite side of your bowling arm.

Release Thumb By Sliding Foot

In order to have a strong release and follow through the thumb must come out of the ball by your sliding foot as the slide is completed. Don't try to reach out with your thumb still in the ball or you will go past the slide foot and lose leverage. The thumb must come out of the ball right by the slide foot to get maximum leverage in your release. After the thumb is released by your slide foot the fingers take over as you follow through the swing and the ball is propelled out onto the lane towards your intended target.

Follow Through The Arm Swing

The follow through is just a continuation of the arm swing outwards towards your target as the ball comes off your fingers. A well executed release will give you a good follow through. If the ball is released correctly your arm will unhinge at the elbow and your hand will come up to side of your head.

Getting Extra Hand Action

If you need extra hand action for tougher pin carry keep your pinky bent (curled up against the ball) and apply finger pressure against the ball when you set up in the stance and through out the entire swing and release. But make sure you keep your thumb relaxed in the ball at all times.

The 45 Degree Hand Position

This is the easiest and most natural hand position to use. In the 45 degree hand position the hand is partially under and partially to the side of the ball with the tips of both pinky-s touching. Non bowling hand supports ball.

Spare Shooting And Ten Pins

There's no reason to use a special ball for spares as long as you are lined up correctly and go straight as possible at the pin. For the 10 pin I recommend using a reverse hook but make sure you get the ball way out on the lane.

Develop Good Practice Routine

Analyze your delivery and think about what you are doing when you practice. Feel your good shots when you make them and imprint it into your mind so that you can repeat them. Use visualization to practice off the lanes and go through the delivery in your mind making perfect shots.

Staying Relaxed Under Pressure

Once you're set up and ready to go focus your eyes on your target and block out all external noise. Don't think about the mechanics of your physical game, just bowl reflexively and react to the target as you release the ball.

Shoe Sliding Problems (Sticking)

If you have trouble sliding buy a Dexter red slide sole and some velcro self sticking fastener. Cut the red slide sole and velcro self sticking fastener the same size as the rubber heel on the slide shoe. Paste the velcro fastener on the rubber heal and then fasten the red slide sole to the velcro fastener.

Develop Your Own Bowling Style

There is no right or wrong way to bowl and anything can work if you are able to repeat it often enough. Do what works for you and feels the most comfortable. Often times you have to do something, that may be considered unorthodox, to compensate for a flaw in your game. Many great bowlers had very unorthodox styles such as Don Carter with his bent arm swing.

Watch Professional Bowlers On TV

Watch the pros bowl on TV and record them with your VCR. Play back the tape and watch in it slow motion. Study how they do the basics to improve your own game, esp women pros who rely more on finesse than power.

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