My Shrine To Tasuki

Fushigi Yuugi is a most confusing anime. I can't explain it so Ill just show you how Tasuki came in. But I will tell you Fushigi Yuugi is a bit like the movie "The Neverending Story". It is like that movie because two girls are sucked into a story book basically and are trying to get out but they have become enemies and...GOD THATS CONFUSING!!!So heres a little bit about Tasuki. Tasuki is the 5th seishi. Miaka, Hotohori and Nuriko all go looking for the other seshi, leavind Chichiri to look after Hotohori's country. Tamahome is held prisiner at the palace in Kutou. They travel to the mountain that is full of bandits. And of course are captured. Eiken the fat ugly leader, take Miaka to his room, while Hotohori and Nuriko are taken to be food slave. But everyone thinks that their girls, and Hotohori plays along perfectly, much to Nuriko's suprise. For those that dont know, Nuriko is gay and acts like a girl to remember is sister who died. Nuriko has a crush on Hotohori. They finally get fed up with all this acting so Nuriko takes care of the Bandits. And they both run in to get Miaka. But before any one can get at her, she disapears, and appears in the grasp of Genrou, the real leader who was asbent for awhile.Genrou challanges Eiken for the boss's seat and the prize is Miaka, who he thinks is Eikens wife. And then he runs leaving some wolves to battle with Eiken, Hotohori and Nuriko. Tasuki doesnt really like girls because he grew up with many older sisters, but hes not gay, thank God! His fan posses the power to spout fire.