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Welcome to Sailor Moon T, my online extension of the Sailor Moon Series. T in this stands for Titans, the new group of senshi who are introduced in T. The main character, Reuisu, comes from a Sailor Moon/Pokemon/Digimon crossover story I once wrote. However, you do not need to read the crossover to understand his place in things! Included in the stories section is a brief history of Reuisu's involvement in the Sailor Universe.

News: Well, sorry about my lack of posting from last week, but we've got another double feature tonight that pretty much wraps up the Titans Hunt saga! So head on over to the Titans Hunt section to go enjoy it. Also, on a side note, I'd like to offer my thoughts and prayers to those who have families in the Persian Gulf. I'm sure they'll be coming home safe and sound after ousting a dictator. ^-^

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