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Text decription are links to the images.  I took the time to scan these images (from the books "The Shadow: The Making of a Legend" and "The Shadow: The Lost Shows").  Seeing as how I took them from a book, I cannot really stop you from stealin em but if you do, please e-mail me and tell me which ones you are takin and give me credit.  Thanks!

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Orson Welles and crew in action

Agnes Moorehead as the original Margot Lane

John Archer as Lamont Cranston

Bill Johnstone adding character to The Shadow

A cool cartoon of The Shadow shooting his guns

Bret Morrison as The Shadow

Bill Johnstone doing a supporting role with Frank Readick as the original Shadow

A Cover of the Detective Story Magazine during their describe The Shadow contest

The Original Shadow movie poster

A cover of "The Shadow magazine" pulp comics

Orson Welles as The Shadow

Bret Morrison as The Shadow, sneaking around

A screen shot from the original Shadow movie

A Shadow Sunday comic strip and a page from his comic book

Frank Readick as The Shadow and Lamont Cranston

The cast of The Shadow

Another of cover from "The Shadow magazine" pulp novel

Orson Welles looking pretty smooth

Bret Morrison and Grace Matthews posing for a publicity shot

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These images were all taken from other webpages and credit has been given to each - If you want these images please contact the webpage.  I have gotten permission to use most of these

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All of these are taken from the "Highlights on the Shadow" page with permission

Pulp cover from "The Red Blot"

Pulp cover from "Crime Rides The Sea"

Pulp cover from "The Chain of Death"

Pulp cover from "The Black Falcon"

Pulp cover from "The Dark Death"

All the rest of these images are from other sites without permission

Pulp cover from "The Gray Ghost"

Cover from the more recent Shadow Comics from Dark Horse


If you have ANY images of The Shadow and would like me to post them please tell me

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