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As you can tell I need some SERIOUS help with the years of the actors/crew members.  If you know of any dates or people that are missing please tell me about them
The parenthesis denotes the years in which that actor carried the role


Lamont Cranston - James La Curto (1931 first episode only)
          Frank Readick (1931-1932)
              Robert Hardy Andrews (1932)
          Frank Readick (1932-1935)
        Orson Welles (1937-1938)
                                                           Kenny Delmar (1938 one show when Welles was a no show)
        Bill Jonhstone (1938-1943)
        Bret Morrison (1943-1944)
     John Archer (1944-1945)
                                    Steve Courtleigh (September - October 1945)
        Bret Morrison (1945-1954)
                                                                        Berry Kroeger (filled in for Morrison when he was away in the 1950's)

Margot Lane - Agnes Moorehead (1937-1939)
                        Marjorie Anderson (1939-1944)
                                                                Jeanette Nolan (one episode in 1940 filling in for Anderson)
            Judith Allen (1944-1945)
                                                    Laura Mae Carpenter (September - October 1945)
                 Lesley Woods (1945-1946)
                   Grace Matthews (1946-1949)
                                                                        Amzie Strickland (2 shows in 1948 as replacement for Matthews)
                   Gertrude Warner (1949-1954)

Commissioner Weston - Ray Collins (dates unknown)
                                          Kenny Delmar (dates unknown)
                                             Bernard Lenrow (dates unknown)

Shrevie - Alan Reed (Dates unknown)
                      Teddy Bergman(Dates unknown)

Cardona - I do not know ANY of the actors who played Cardone.   Please help!!!

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Producers - Clark Andrews (Dates Unknown)
                John Loveton (Dates Unknown)
               Wilson Tuttle (Dates Unknown)
          Bill Tuttle (Dates Unknown)
                     Bernard Proctor (Dates Unknown)

Directors - Martin Gabel (Dates Unknown)
                  John Loveton (Dates Unknown)
                 Wilson Tuttle (Dates Unknown)
            Bill Tuttle (Dates Unknown)
             John Cole (Dates Unknown)
               Dick Lewis (Dates Unknown)

Engineers - Robert Albreich (Dates Unknown)
           Gene Clark (Dates Unknown)

Announcers - Aurther Whiteside (Dates Unknown)
              Ken Roberts (Dates Unknown)
              Dick Willard (Dates Unknown)
                Andre Baruch (Dates Unknown)
            Cy Harrice (Dates Unknown)

Sound Effect People - Jack Poppele (Dates Unknown)
                                  Barney Beck (Dates Unknown)
                               Al Schaffer (Dates Unknown)
                                      George Cooney (Dates Unknown)

Organists - Elsie Thompson (Dates Unknown)

John Barclay - Paul Huber (Dates Unknown)

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