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Hello and welcome to things I have seen!!

Sites that make me say Fnord!!!

Center for the Easily Amused
Go here and trip out!!!!!
Virtual Springfield!!!
Fnord....It's a DISCORDIAN thing!
FIND - A - GRAVE (quite a sweet thing..)
Crescent Moongoddess
Funny Stuff at Fade To Black
Assassin..Oh so amusing if you are having a bad day!!!
Alchemy Gothic online store
The Weird Site...chock full of fun.
Tarot and supplies
Vampire Rabbits online store
The Witches Voice,,a Pagan and Wiccan news site.
SEE!! It doesn't always snow in Buffalo!!!!!
If you want a real good laugh about where I live...

Go check out all the nifty things I have seen.
Oh..and if the FNORDS are calling you...let me know..I got connections....(see contact info)