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Raven's Nonsense !!!

Hi and welcome to my nonsense!!!!!!!! You will find much nonsense here. This is a work in progress, so feel free to check in with me periodically because I will add nonsense all the time........

Here you will find info on me...things I have found...things I'm into.. and anything else that happens to strike me funny!!

And for those of you viewing through Netscape.. yeah.. I know things arent' showing up.. still working on that...
Tina the Troubled Teen

Things I have seen here....very interesting!
The Physical me
What I like to do to kill my time...
My Photography
Links to my friend's pages...go there..amuse yourself..
Ants!!! (and they won't go away!!!)
My Spork Stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!
25+ Ways to not get invited back to church
Just because I like that Pacman thing so much..
The Raven
My moment of insanity
One HUGE Smiley!
The Crow
Where to find alot of this neat stuff
Contact Info..go here to find me!!!

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