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This is my wife Mary on Star, at Squaw Leap, 1994.

We're talking about horses again, setting humor aside.
Each year, an esimated
10,000 horses wind up as gourmet steaks in French, Belgian, Swiss, and Japanese restaurants. Nobody eats horsemeat here, but we now need to protect our horses from the foreign markets.

We as Americans have used horses all through-out our countrys short history.
They were a major influence in the settlers migration from the east to the unchartered, uncivilized west; they carried our soldiers in every major war and conflict through WWW1 and although they are today mainly used for pleasure riding, they are still carrying cowboys on their back, helping to keep our western tradition alive. Not to mention the multi-billion dollar a year Horse-related industry that only horses can generate.

Horses are pets, and do not belong on anybodys dinner table; and if you are of small mind and doubt a horses intelligence; do you believe that a 150 pound human could ride a 1000 pound horse if the horse didn't want him up on his back? Not likely...only in the Rodeo by the pros. A horses instinct tells it that humans are preditors, and for a horse to overcome his greatest fear; that of having a preditor on the most vulnurable and most unprotectable part of its body says a lot for this magestic animal.

The future of these great animals is in our hands and their very future depends on all of us

When you study your State propositions and see ones that pertain to our Horses, read it carefully and vote with their best interest in mind.

We owe it to them and they have no other champions to fight for their cause.


Just a footnote: There's been a lot of controversy concerning Monty Roberts in a number of publications here lately; and I have to say that his personnal life and past is his and of no concern to me or my web-site. I appreciate his abilities to do what he says he can do and he does that well. Where he learned to do it is not my business. He claims to be a horse starter and nothing else, and leaves the training to those who claim to be horse trainers... End of subject...

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Final note : On July 25, of this year 1999, our five doxies; Roxie, Starburst, Navajo, Banjo and our little Nakeha perished in a house fire. Their absense has changed our life forever and we will never forget them and the joy and laughter and companionship they gave us during the short two years that they enriched our lives. We will miss them always....................