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This page was last updated Thursday, April 18th, 2002 @ 10:00 PM CST

Welcome to the Sailor Senshi's Cosmic Moon Page (SSCMP). If you've been here before you will notice that the look of the main page has changed. I decided to do this because I was tired of the old look. There have been some really nice additions to the site recently. A Message board, Sailor Senshi MakeUP, and RPG have been added! :D Slowly but surly people are joining those new sections. I hope that it will become very popular. I am also hoping to add a new fan fiction, another award, and more pictures soon. Please keep coming back to see if those things are up. My e-mail is for those who would like to get ahold of me for whatever reason. Thanks for visiting and PLEASE sign the guestbook.
Lisa - Sailor Senshi's Cosmic Moon Page Webmistress

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Hey! The SSCMP is looking for artists and writers from all over to send in their Fan Art and Fan fictions to help make the SSCMP Fan art and fan fiction sections grow. This is your chance to show off your work! If you have a fan art send it as an attachment to Your picture should be in either .jpg or .gif format. When sending it make sure you include your name and what/who the picture is of. If you have a fan fiction send it in the e-mail (not as an attachment) to You can break it into chapters or sections if needed. (Your story does not have to be 100% finished when you send it in but do expect to have to finish it in the future.) Include you name, age, story title, the story, and a rating (G-R). Also make sure that your story is done in a common font like New Times Roman or Ariel. If stories contain extreme sexual content I may request you edit them to make them slightly more approriate.

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