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Antichrist 666 Mayan Prophecy 2012 2020 Aztec God Quetzalcoatl Satan December 21 Not End of the World Prophecy Calendar Tzolkin Technology Stone Computer Prediction Global Pyramid Earth Disaster Collapse Dresden Codex Apocalypse Destruction Comet Gulf of Mexico Satan Demon Pagan Gods Mexico Toltec Olmec Inca Ancient Aliens Civilization Atlantis Secret Archaeology Culture Gold Magic Crystal Skulls Central America

Antichrist 666 Mayan Prophecy 2012 2020 Aztec God Quetzalcoatl Satan December 21 Not End of the World Prophecy Calendar Tzolkin Technology Stone Computer Prediction Global Pyramid Earth Disaster Collapse Dresden Codex Apocalypse Destruction Comet Gulf of Mexico Satan Demon Pagan Gods Mexico Toltec Olmec Inca Ancient Aliens Civilization Atlantis Secret Archaeology Culture Gold Magic Crystal Skulls Central America
Antichrist 666 Mayan Prophecy 2012 2020 Aztec God Quetzalcoatl Satan December 21 Not End of the World Prophecy Calendar Tzolkin Technology Stone Computer Prediction Global Pyramid Earth Disaster Collapse Dresden Codex Apocalypse Destruction Comet Gulf of Mexico Satan Demon Pagan Gods Mexico Toltec Olmec Inca Ancient Aliens Civilization Atlantis Secret Archaeology Culture Gold Magic Crystal Skulls Central America

Perhaps the strongest example of the "Sacred Twins" appearing among the ancient record is the Aztec Calendar itself, for at it's bottom is seen two opposing yet similar stately male figures suggesting the calendar itself is of their supernatural creation that was imparted to ancient man who naturally saw these beings as their "gods." When looking on the Mexican calendar, at least 3 beings are immediately seen. The left deity has been determined to be Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent God of the Aztecs, confronting what is believed to be his "Evil Twin" named Tezcatlipoca, the deity on the right, whose name means 'smoking mirror,' (a name referring to the talisman He wears by which He can see the future). The Maya knew the Aztec god Tezcatlipoca as well, albeit calling him, K'awil. A far older version of this God was worshipped still, by the Olmecs, at the very beginning of pre-Columbian civilization itself. Tezcatlipoca's supernatural power, it was believed, kept the Vessel of Time filled with life-giving energies [even as Christ was the source of all life in the world; see John 1:3, 10], and thus was also known as Ipalnemoani, meaning, "we live," and also as Titlacauan "we are His design." Because the cosmic duality between the twin offices (or powers) of Christ and Lucifer (or Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl) the two Morning Stars whose battle tore apart the Father's creation, thus creating a rift for everyone else that was created after Lucife to be forced in choosing one side or the other. It becomes very interesting to learn that the ancient central American peoples, like the Egyptians, and the later Greek and Romans, etc., all hold near exactly the same beliefs when considering their strikingly similar myths included the Sacred Twins; one good and one evil, who, moreover, became evil incarnate. By the time this same dynamic was infused into the cultural beliefs of the ancient Americas, we see the Twin Flames while having a hand in both creating the Universe, soon became exact polar opposites to each other. The serpentine bodies of both Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca are depicted on the Mexican solar calendar that's divided into 52 sections adorned with images of flames and jaguar limbs, which correlated with the 52 years of the Mexicah-Aztec century. As such, the Divine Twins appear as Xiuhcoatls, or Fire-Serpents (Biblical equivalent to fiery Holy Seraphim), that is to say, the Serpentine Angelic Order of Shekinah Fire nearest God's Throne. At the top of the Aztec Calendar's rim, between the Xiuhcoatls serpent-like tails is a square containing the date 13-Acatl; 13 Cane; or 1479 AD, the date that the Calendar Stone was completed. The outer circle, is given entirely over to mathematic notation, as are the next four concentric rings. Such math relate to the detailed movements of the earth around the sun, i.e., the Solar Year of 365 days, and other monumental works of advanced calculations by which no ancient man should have ever known, unless he was helped by beings who as all the ancients said, 'came from above'.

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The Mayan Calendar has seemingly given us the date of December 21st 2012 as being the start of an epic New Age, of which has been proven time and again to become Lucifer's New Age, the Age of Quetzalcoatl or as he was known by the Maya, Kukulcan. However, this Age coming is little more than a complete counterfeit of Christ's actual New Age that Christians call the Millennium, a time which Antichrist has been defeated and Jesus rules from Zion for an unparalleled time of true peace and prosperity upon the earth. This would of course mean that the world is not ending anytime soon, but must go on for another 1,000 years after the destruction of the coming "New Age" / New Order of the Antichrist. Interestingly, the original Aztec Calendar exists still, displayed within the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico city. Parallel to this, but in tell-tale Satanic reverse to the Biblical account regarding the dual Morning Stars of God (once in unison, only to become the stuff of what the later metaphysicists refer to as the so-called Cosmic Duality [of Good vs. Evil paradigm], whereupon Lucifer grew haughty, violent, and rebelled, and was cast down out of Heaven, while the other Morning Star, his twin power, remained in Heaven), is also somewhat portrayed in the Aztecs own account, skewed as it was. The Aztecs have been influenced and believed the wise dragon-like Tezcatlipoca [Pre-incarnate Christ] was not good, but "evil" in their pro-Luciferian view [which further speaks volumes as to who they received the original account from] and that He came to earth and turned into a Sun, and thus was about to inflict upon earth twice as much heat, to which Quetzalcoatl then "knocked Smoking Mirror out of the sky and Tezcatlipoca turned into a giant jaguar as he fell." It is further written that Tezcatlipoca [who is really best depicted by Satan himself] then took out his great vengeance upon mankind by attacking them everywhere. He was again prevented from destroying the human race when again, Quetzalcoatl intervened to drive him off, thereby ushering in a new Age and "Sun" for the world, which again has its reverberations in both Christ, He being the "Light of the World" (see John 8:12-20) and Lucifer's own coming New Age, vis a vie the Antichrist. Equally intriguing if not completely appropriate here, is that the Aztecs held that Quetzalcoatl's overseas abode was named Aztlan, (Atlantis), of which they chose to name their own ancient city after, hoping it would also become a city of the gods.

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Additional internal evidence for Atlantis is found in the Mazatl sign upon the Aztec Calendar itself, representing the Mexican deer god and goddess who "raised a great mountain" called "Place Where Heaven Stood in the Middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Their offspring were a pair of Twin Sons who became the builders of glittering palaces and shrine-like sanctuaries, all of which sank beneath the waves during a time of trouble among the gods. Comparisons between this First Age 'Great Mountain' with Mount Atlas, Olympus, Mount Zion, and the Occult notions of an elder World Mountain which dominated the world are many, fully backed up by the Biblical account itself, and thus, I would ask how could all of these same cultural myths [and Biblical Truths] spanning so many cultures *not* be telling us of the same event that took place so many eons ago, namely between dual Twin 'Morning Stars' Divine? The fact that the Egyptians, Greeks, Aztecs, and various other cultures from both the east and west, as well as the New World and its own indigenous peoples from the Aztecs, Inca's, Olmecs, Maya, to their northern cousins among various American Indian tribes, like the Hopi, are all recanting the same amazingly detailed story, where virtually only the names are changed, is nothing less than intriguing. The theme repeats across cultures far and wide, yet especially among those highly advanced cultures within the vicinity of the Atlantic itself, and among those who it is believed had direct contact with either survivors of the Atlantean Collapse, perhaps being direct descendants of, or had direct contact with its gods, namely Quetzalcoatl, who according to the legend, Quetzalcoatl is to return in 2012, or at some point thereafter. His departure from the land was brought about by the machinations of priests and magicians seeking to counteract his beneficent influence and to regain control for the powers of darkness. Witchcraft and human sacrifice were reestablished, and in their wake came war, disease, and the destruction of the great Toltec city, Tollan. The effective composition of evil figures against a pyramidal design in blood-red and brown, suggests these ominously tragic events which result in the departure of the rejected messiah. Quetzalcoatl, renounced by his people, departs into the East, whence he came [also cross-culturally, Heaven is believed to exist above, in the eastern sky], prophesying that he will return in five hundred years with other white gods to destroy the civilization of those who denied his precepts, and to set up a new civilization in its stead.

While Christ is to return to Zion [Israel], to breathe new life into His chosen people after Armageddon, Satan seemingly returns to his chosen at the end of time, to destroy, a theme that is wonderfully portrayed in a website comparing Quetzalcoatl as the 'Meso-American Christ' figure thusly: "Quetzalcoatl is to the New World what Christ is to Europe: the center of a religious cosmology and the pre-eminent symbol of the civilized nations of Meso-America. Both were considered to be men who ascended into heaven upon their death; Christ to sit at the right hand of God, Quetzalcoatl to become the Morning Star. Both were tempted by evil powers; Christ by Satan, Quetzalcoatl by the wizard-god Tezcatlipoca. And both were prophesied to one day return to earth, Christ as the Prince of the Kingdom of Heaven, Quetzalcoatl as a God-King returned to claim his Kingdom. Amazingly, the Aztecs accurately predicted the exact year and day that Cortez was to arrive from across the sea, bringing with him a great "bearded God" (Christ/ianity). So whilst the prophecy may have been given as true to them from the Serpent, the actual interpretation thereof was met with confusion among the Aztecs. Interestingly, there is a Bible Scripture which cites "God is not the author of confusion" leaving the implication that Satan is, however. Although, how did Satan foreknow this great historical event generations before its actual fulfillment, so as to provide the exact day it would happen? Certainly, the "Bearded-God" the Aztecs were being forced in subjection to was not at all what they'd so long expected him to be. Infamously, it was the Maya who made accurate predictions, according to what they also heard from the Serpent, who predicted a New Age where mankind would see major destructions globally, enough to force them into a new existence, after 2012, as in 2020, which leads the world straight into the time of the Antichrist and this planet's Great Tribulation (Satan's counterfeit New World) and shortly afterward, the time of the 'bearded-God' Christ presiding over a peaceful, New World. The Maya, like the Aztecs, were an ancient people known to have had a Sun-god religion paralleling the ancient Satanic Druidism of the Celts, who had their own encounters with "sky gods" before. Like the Celtic Druids, both the Aztec and the Maya were Luciferian Solar Blood Cults, who sacrificed live people of all ages, even children, believing they would gain their Sun-God's power and protection (when in reality, God cursed them all the more).

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While there are only rare works which speak to that Solar God which the Druids worshiped, it's hard to deny what form Satan had when appearing to the ancient Chinese, Egyptians, Aztecs, Maya, Vikings, Mesopotamians, and other cultures who worshipped or venerated a Winged-Serpent creature of Light, who came down from his abode in the heavens to advance their knowledge. Interestingly, they *all* believed this figure was also the Sun. In the case with the Aztecs and Mayans, they worshipped a strange serpentine god who was strikingly reminiscent of the speaking Serpent of Wisdom and Light that appeared in the first Book of the Bible. The Maya called their Serpent-god of light Kukulkan while the Aztecs called him Quetzalcoatl, who appeared to them as a fiery, feathered, Serpent akin to a Great Dragon as depicted in the last Book of the Bible. Knowing how Satan's Angels freely gave forbidden wisdom to mankind before, is it any wonder then that Satan himself could easily do the same? Knowing how even lowly demons knew a time was coming that meant their destruction by Christ, which is clearly displayed by demons themselves in Matthew 8:29 when they spoke to Jesus saying: "We know thou art Jesus, the Son of God, but what have we do to do with you? Hast thou come to destroy us before the time?!" Thus, wouldn't it be just like such an advanced Angelic creature in Satan himself therefore to deal with an already advanced culture of people, in order to infect them with a kernal of Angelic knowledge regarding time, timing, and the end of days to better force God's own hand of cursing against them? Certainly, God would be against such a thing, which is why He keeps that very private and ultimately correct Knowledge of timing only to Himself and shares it with absolutely no one, in Heaven or in earth, not even Christ, (as the Scripture states) and yet, here again, we see another example of an ancient people, the Mayans, who have seemingly received such specific and advanced knowledge about timing. We know that Satan has always tried to thwart God by placing himself as "God" and freely giving his own worshippers things which ultimately bring doom, and it is true, the Mayans are not with us today, but were all destroyed at the hands of a Christian nation.

The Quetzalcoatl that appeared to the indigenous Indians in Central America was Satan, just as he has appeared according to many in the ancient pagan mysteries proclaiming himself to be (a) god. The motif of Quetzalcoatl follows that of every other fertility, pagan sun-god that came before him. He is a Psychopomp like Osiris. He is lord of the Underworld as is Pluto. He is intoxicated like Bacchus and has illicit sex with a witch. Quetzacoatl’s heart is in the Sun like the Egyptian Thoth. He is the Sun god like Apollo. He has the broad forehead, and huge eyes indicative of every alien encounter ever reported. He is the patron god of gold and metal as is Hermes, and like Hermes and Mercury, he is the Light Bearer, Venus, [and] the Sun of the Morning, the androgynous being who [was] the bearer of knowledge to mankind.

2012: Quetzalcoatl and Satan

And the Great Dragon was cast out, that ancient Serpent, called the Devil and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world. Woe to the inhabiters of the Earth and of the Sea! For Satan is come down unto you having great wrath, because he knows that he only has a short time left.

Revelation 12

Behold the Radiant Child of the Two!
Bright Space, Son of Dark Space
Who emerges from the Depths of the Great Dark Waters!
He shines forth as the Sun - He is the blazing Voice, Dragon of Wisdom!

HP Blavatsky: Stanzas of Dyzan

And let none wonder, for even Satan himself can appear as an Angel of Light.

2 Corinthians 11:14; The Holy Bible

Ultimately, the Mayan 2012 prediction was not about the world, or its "ending" on that date, but more about Satan himself and the timeframe by which his literal presence among us would dramatically increase anger, tensions, wars, earthquakes, fires, disasters, famine, pestilence and plagues, beginning in 2013 and thus, increasingly with each year that passes, until Christ is forced to return to end Satan's reign upon the earth, at Armageddon. Knowing how the Mayans were literally given information by Satan of certain key future events to come, had Satan also given them answers as to what is to occur in that moment of which the current Age ends? Very similar to the European Codex Gigas or The Devil's Bible in its own prophecies, the Mayan Dresden Codex is an ancient manuscript in concertina style set up into 39 sheets making up 78 prophetic pages. It's believed that the Codex originates from an elder original book of even greater wisdom of unknown age that goes back much further than the accepted 700 to 900 AD authored date of the Dresden Codex itself. This "oldest manuscript in the America's" contains detailed calendar data, written in the Mayan dating system, concerning astronomical data and complex sky mechanics, as well as advanced tables of mathematical multiple integers that are to be used for calculations of planetary movement ephemerids and tropical years, next to Mayan hieroglyphic texts and numerous depictions of the Mayan gods and ritual scenes dedicated to them. The last page of the Mayan Codex in particular however, which various 2012 researchers were first keen to latch onto with great interest, is purported to show the destruction of the world via water and a Dragon. Waves gush from the mouth of a Celestial Dragon as more waters pour from the Sun and Moon symbols seemingly branded on the underside of the Dragon's body itself which I would argue shows not floodwater coming from the Sun or Moon, yet an order of succession, of how first this Dragon was indeed Celestial, and existed where what the Bible would call 'the heavens' which is to say, residing in our Solar System or closer, within our own atmosphere. The fact that the Dragon has these Sun and Moon symbols imprinted underneath its body is to signify he "comes from the stars" as it were. Next depicted is an Aged-Goddess also pouring waters onto the Earth, clearly depicting Mother earth and a much larger story is being told here, of a Great Dragon having no more place in the heavens, crashes down toward the earth with such force that he causes the waters to rise up and flood the world. Understand, the Aztecs sacrificed their human victims, because they were indebted to them. After all, every great empire on earth needed its gods to become a world power to begin with, this included Central America in the medieval years, as well as the United States today. This is why many of our Masonic-influenced government officials take part in such Satanic debauchery and murder, to appease the pagan gods who helped them build their empire that they called "New Atlantis."

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Bohemian Grove is certainly not the only place in the United States where such the ancient pagan gods, such as Chemosh, Astarte, Isis, and Molech [aka Quetzalcoatl] have been carried over from Mesopotamia, Canaan, Babylon, Egypt Rome, and the earth America's into our modern world to be similarly worshipped. Why this core Satanic Masonic Empire has allowed Christians to endure over the last 300 years, is no less done so with great purpose. Satanic cities and empires of the ancient world have been destroyed outright by God before, most infamously Sodom and Gomorrah, but as the Scriptures in Genesis state, when Abraham requested of God to save the cities if only 1 righteous person live there, God agreed He would save even a pagan nation slated for destruction, if it contained at least one God-fearing person within that worshipped only Him. So, while we in America live in a pagan empire at its heart, the vast numbers of Christians living in America, in Britain, in Australia, and to a lesser extent, even in Europe itself, prevent God from carrying out that which will ultimately be carried out during the time when Satan reigns in the flesh, when the whole world worships him through his Antichrist. God promised that He would never again destroy the world by water, but that in no way means that Satan couldn't. In fact, Daniel 11:22 predicts that at the time of Antichrist: "And with the arms of a flood shall they be overflown from before him, and shall be broken; yea, also the Prince of the Covenant [US]." At the bottom of that last page of the Mayan Codex, is a crouching "Ruler of the Underworld" who fell from Heaven like lightning thru the earth and into "the Underworld." If that sounds in any way familiar to you, its because this is the Mayan cultural account of Satan's fall from Heaven. Above the same picture, about half of the 15 Mayan glyphs have since been destroyed, which would have no doubt depicted that same Dragon-like creature from the Stars, rising up from the Sea in that drowned world already greatly damaged by a "comet strike" and resulting floods. A few of the remaining glyphs consistently refer to a "Blackened Earth" or "Black on High" which is what the aftermath of a tsunami or flood does to any bleak, earthen landscape in the aftermath of its receding waters. Intriguingly, Catholic monks within Cortez's own invading Spanish legions burned the ancient Mayan Codices in 1521, citing them to be "the work of the Devil," which leads to the belief that perhaps they found something in those astonishingly advanced works which led them to conclude exactly that. Ultimately, however, the Mayans never predicted that the world would end on December 21st, despite all of the false hype via people's misunderstanding. What they did report to us, our generation, is that the same "talking serpent" that gave such advanced and precise knowledge to them, is the same being that would return on December 21, in the year 2012 and his coming would initiate a series of great evil, terror, Islamic terrorism like the world has never seen before, against both Jew and Gentile alike, as well as several devastating "natural" destructions upon the earth thereafter.

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So the year 2012 will come and go, but understand, Satan has been cast down unto us, and as such, he shall begin work with great intensity to personally complete the foundation that has been laid since Satan's men have been living with us in this world, toward Satan's end goal of establishing his son as the World King, the New Age Messiah, and together shall they complete the Great Work that has been determined ever since the Fall. Thus, even as the Mayan prophecy will seemingly "fail" for those looking for a global disaster on that ill-reputed day, nonetheless, there will certainly come a greater Collapse that does negatively impact the planet, bringing with it shocking changes, and the New Age of the Messiah (Antichrist) will result from it. Only then, will mankind connect their perceived Mayan omen of doom that they vainly believed was to overtly occur in 2012, with the New Age event that eventually overtakes the world in a single day. In closing, what becomes very interesting is that Satan, having already fallen from Heaven long ago, knew the approximate timeframe when he would be cast out from the 'heavens' that encompassed the earth's atmosphere, to the day when his travel would then be further bound to the earth itself, fulfilling Revelation 12, and it is THAT event, that is to occur upon December 21, 2012, precisely at 11:11 GMT, legitimizing the 11:11 'prophecy.' In his own ancient wisdom, Satan has obviously determined the times and seasons for himself (even as they directly relate to the time he has left) which is more than likely based on his knowing when the current world, that is to say, the Second Earth Age, actually began and from it, determining that 6,000 years must transpire before Christ's return to earth, thus allowing another Millennium for His Kingdom on earth, that then would bring us to the full 7,000 years by which God allowed this War between His Morning Stars to finally culminate in Satan's being cast forever into Hell. Obviously, therefore, Satan deduced that the year 2012 would be that 6000th year. However, in God's far greater Wisdom, He counter-determined that no man, nor Angel, nor even the Son Himself, would ever know the day or hour when Christ must retrieve His Church, that then also initiates the countdown toward the seven-year Tribulation. This would mean, as of 2018, we are already six years overdue to seeing not only the Rapture, but the War of Gog and Magog that ties into the Rapture event, take place, which of itself is measured by how fast could this impending battle between Russia/Iran vs. Israel occur. To that I would say, we are there right now, "'s even at the doors..." On that day shall Jesus Christ bring His Church with Him toward the presence of God the Father, where they shall forever be with the Lord from that single moment, unto forevermore. This single event is known as the Rapture of the Church and shall occur in the "twinkling of an eye," for in the very next moment after it, shall the Collapse come upon the face of the whole earth, and many shall die in it. Those who survive shall have a deception launched against them, that, as Christ said, would "deceive the very elect, if it were possible." The only reason it won't be possible for His Christians to be deceived at that time, is directly because of the Rapture. Those who live to see the other side of the world, and its impending New Order, will have Satan and his minions lead them into Hell itself...