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Wyoming Department
Reserve Officers Association

What Is ROA?

The men and women who serve our Nation in the cause of freedom need and deserve a voice in creating government policy. ROA provides that voice. Respected, vigorous, effective - ROA has a long list of policy accomplishments, and an ambitious long-range program for the coming decade and beyond.

ROA Founding and Charter

Founded in 1922, and chartered by Congress in 1950, ROA's mission is to " and promote the development and execution of a military policy for the United States that will provide adequate National Security."

ROA Business

The business of the association is handled through its national headquarters in Washington D.C. Legislative policies are established at two national meetings each year—A national convention is held annually in early summer and the mid-winter conference and Military Exposition in late January.

ROA Benefits

Balancing civilian and reserve commitments requires a unique approach to career management. ROA provides a wide range of professional and personal benefits including, professional development workshops, mentoring programs, and a career center to meet the unique needs of our members.

As a liaison between government entities, the media, and its members, ROA keeps reservists and their families apprised of important topics such as call-ups and legislative actions.

ROA Today

Increasingly, leadership is being passed to younger drilling reservist, ensuring ROA's future as a dynamic force for improving benefits, equipment, and training for America's Citizen-Soldiers.

ROA continues to be a prominent voice of preparedness.

Mid-Winter Conference Information and Online Registration Now Available

9/10/2003 - ROA's Membership Plan

Index of Upcoming Events

1/25/2004- 2004 Mid-Winter Conference and 19th Military Exposition - Washington DC United States

6/8/2004- 2004 ROA National Convention - Salt Lake City UT United States

6/8/2004- 2004 Joint Officer Leadership Development and Training Seminar (JOLDTS) - Salt Lake City UT United States

6/9/2004- ROA Academy - Salt Lake City UT United States


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Chapter #3, Casper Reserve Officers Association And Wyoming Reserve Officers Association League Anne Lowe Club Invited All Wyoming Department ROA/ROAL Members to the 2003 Annual Convention held March 27, 2003 in Casper.
Required Department and Club business was conducted as well as election of 2003-2004 Officers. The minutes of the meeting were mailed out to all members. If you did not receive your copy please notify the secretary, Jack Hoard and click here for an online copy.

Wyoming Department Officers for 2003-2004

Department President:
LCDR Kimberly D. Knutson
916 Sierra Drive
Riverton, WY 82501

Department Secretary/Treasurer:
MAJ John "Jack" Hoard
100 North Center #405
Casper, WY 82601

State Territorial Vice Presidents:

Financial Consultant Planning & Elections:
CPT Jim Clark
P.O. Box 472
Casper, WY 82601

LTC William "Larry" Custer
4010A So. Poplar, PMB 311
Casper, Wy 82601

North Western Wyoming Public & Member Relations
CDR Mary McAleenan
P.O. Box 99
Kinnear, Wy 82501

South Central Wyoming Public & Member Relations
LTC George Miyake
1618 Symons
Laramie, Wy 82516

South Eastern Wyoming Public & Member Relations
1LT William T. Custer
806 West 26th Street
Cheyenne, Wy 82201

North Eastern Wyoming Public & Member Relations
LTC Charles L. Simon
6 Wildrose Lane
Sheridan, WY 82801

Statewide Veteran Outreach Programs
CW2 Charles Pat Estas
4360 South David
Casper, WY 82601

LTC Barry Gazdek
5905 CY Ave.
Casper, WY 82604

Statewide Junior ROTC Program Relations
CW5 Bradley R. Lupien
1584 Trojan Drive
Casper, Wy 82609

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