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The character and aims of the papacy and the threat to your democracy.

Exposes Catholicism as a pseudo-Christian, covertly pagan religion that relies on a series of ineffective sacraments for salvation instead of the gospel (ie, Jesus simply trades life's records with yours if you believe in Him as Saviour and ask Him to set you free from sin). Exposes Mary worship as nothing better than a Christianized form of pagan goddess worship. Explains how the pope, priests and Eucharist are false christs. When a Catholic dies and stands before God, he learns his religion was wrong. A ''This Was Your Life!'' for Catholics. A humorous tract explaining the origin of the Mass. (My favourite!) A promotional tract published to advertise the first Alberto comic (see below left), revealing Rome's current progress in putting a final end to Protestantism (ie, the separation of church and state—democracy). Exposes Rome's plan for a soon-coming new inquisition and how the Alberto comic blew their plans wide open, and the Vatican's attempt to stop its distribution. (See Alberto below left.) Details how the Vatican birthed communism to destroy its religious competition—the Russian Orthodox church. (Same information as The Godfathers. See below left.) Exposes how the Vatican birthed Communism and Naziism. Exposes how the Catholic ''church'' engineered WWII and the Holocaust as a modern-day Catholic Inquisition. Exposes Rome's attempts to sabotage the King James Bible. A suicidal priest is told of the wicked history of his counterfeit, idolatrous ''church.'' Choose between the pope or Jesus—purgatory or heaven. Santeria—mixing Catholic superstition and voodoo. Is the pope really the ''Holy Father,'' or a masterpiece of Satanic deception? Exposes the evil, lies, intrigue, persecutions, assassinations and blasphemy which marked the history of the Catholic ''church.'' The Catholic ''church'' is mother to four great false religions designed to keep you from Jesus Christ. When under attack, the pope finds safety in two idols—the eucharist and the Virgin Mary goddess. Grandma learns that Mary was a sinner saved by grace, just like the rest of us.
When Alberto's mother died, he decided to become a Jesuit priest to learn the truth about God. (Based on a true story.)  (If it takes forever to load, hit Refresh.) Alberto Part 3. Reveals how the Catholic church engineered both World Wars. This is the book the Catholic press is afraid to mention. Recommended!  (If it takes forever to load, hit Refresh.) The Secret History of the Jesuits. A noted historian exposes the Vatican's involvement in world politics, intrigues and the fomenting of wars throughout history. The sensational account of the most horrifying religious massacre of the 20th century. Exposes Rome's long history of exterminating Protestants and her plan to do the same in the future. Pay special attention to Chapter 3. Ten chapters excerpted from the Christian classic ''The Great Controversy'' by Ellen G. White. Explains Christian history, the mark of the beast, the Catholic ''church's'' drive for world dominance, and the truth about life-after-death—ghosts. Recommended! Click on the Plus or Minus above to enlarge or reduce page size. Compares Catholicism with Protestantism to show Catholics true Christian doctrine. How a Babylonian goddess became the Virgin Mary. Just a sample. Click on Chapter 2, then on the side arrows. A beautifully produced video on Bible history and the plan of redemption. 78 minutes. (This video takes forever to start so zip it forward 30 seconds.) This video is an excellent analysis of Catholic doctrines compared to Biblical doctrines. It reveals clearly how Roman Catholicism has supplanted the teachings of Christ and the Gospel, with tradition. Actual Catholic priests and nuns, current and former, give their testimonies. Sensitively done. 54 minutes. Recommended. A Biblical examination of the apparitions of the ''Virgin Mary'' in the end times, showing them to be a Satanic deception. Approx. 87 minutes. Calculate the number of the beast, 666, from the pope's various titles.

Exposes Allah as nothing but a pagan moon-god idol, showing his actual photo. A Muslim learns that his religion is a deception. A Muslim learns that Christ saves, Allah does not. Returning home after his many travels, a Muslim reveals the deceitful origins of Islam to his shocked family. A young Muslim boy is trained by his family to detonate himself as a martyr for Islam. A Muslim is mistaken for a terrorist then learns about eternal life. The birth of Islam and the history and character of Muhammad. Mohammed's young wife. God promises Abraham a son. Who owns Jerusalem? A man must choose between Muhammad and Jesus. God tells Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac. After beating his son, Abdul is challenged by a list of questions he must answer from the Qur'an. Islam wants to take over the world and eliminate infidels. Learn how it came from pagan moon-god worship.
Exposes the pagan/Catholic origins of Islam.  (If it takes forever to load, hit Refresh.)

Denounces the gay lifestyle of Sodom and Gomorrah. Denounces the gay lifestyle. An exposé on the gay lifestyle. A gay couple tries to deceive young students into accepting the gay lifestyle. A true story about sexual sin leading to homosexuality. AIDS. A nurse teaches gay men how they got themselves into this mess and how Jesus can give them hope. An emotional message against homosexuality and child abuse.
Long ago God destroyed two ancient cities, Sodom and Gomorrah, with eternal (unquenchable) fire. This brief chapter, taken from Patriarchs and Prophets, explains why.

Abortion. Abortion. Exposes Freemasonry as satanic. Exposes the fable of evolution. A soldier leads his sergeant to Christ. Store up your treasures in heaven, not here. A tragic tale of child sexual abuse. Explains how God loved you enough to die for you. To keep your sanity, rely on Christ. Murph learns that despite what his priest said, he can have assurance of salvation by faith in Jesus. Suicides do not go to heaven! A simple gospel message told in pictures. A girl learns of Satan's plans to destroy her. The blood of Christ will save you from destruction. A rabbi learns too late that Jesus was his Messiah. God's moral law, the Ten Commandments. A simple and touching story about an abused boy who got saved. Goliath. A woman learns too late about the dangers of promiscuity. The creation and fall of Lucifer, Christ's plan of redemption, Satan's deceptions—false religions, New Age—and the final defeat of Satan and all his deluded followers. Satan's Hunter targets high school kids to destroy them with drugs. Life is a trip to either heaven or hell. (One of my favourite.) Gives Christians instructions on how to get their prayers answered. A Hindu priest learns that Hinduism is satanic and turns to Jesus for salvation. Based on a true story. A Buddhist learns too late that only Jesus could have saved him. A woman learns what the bizarre doctrines of Mormonism really are, just in the nick of time. A little girl is accused of hate speech when she tells her friend that Jesus is the only way to heaven. See what happens to those who disagreed with her. A young boy learns to heed God's warning against sin. A thug at a dangerous high school learns that Jesus loves him. The classic tract that started it all. A man learns at the end of his life that he should have trusted Jesus for salvation. (Over 100 million copies in print in nearly 100 languages.) (The doctrine of the immortal soul, ie., as soon as you die your ''immortal soul'' goes somewhere —heaven or hell—is a Satanic, pagan myth that's insinuated its way, via Rome, into Christianity. But the gist of the tract is still important.) Chester thought he didn't need God. But when the ship began to sink, he realized how wrong he was. Soul Story. Advises how to spread the gospel using Chick tracts. He Never Told Us! Humbug! (Christmas) Reverend Wonderful. Exposes Rome's connection to the Communistic Liberation Theology in South America. A Demon's Nightmare. A rock band self-destructs after making a deal with Satan. He thought no one would know he beat his wife. But when the secret got out, Jesus changed his life. Suppose someone tries to talk you out of receiving Christ. What would happen to you? (The doctrine of the immortal soul, ie., as soon as you die your ''immortal soul'' goes somewhere—heaven or hell—is a Satanic, pagan myth that's insinuated its way, via Rome, into Christianity. But the gist of the tract is still important.)
For those interested in avoiding marriage problems.

Series of 25
Creation and the Fall of our first parents—Adam and Eve. Noah and the Flood. An exposé on the gay lifestyle. Moses, the Ten Commandments, and the plagues on Egypt. A battered prostitute learns that Jesus loves even harlots. A young witch is warned what the Bible says about witchcraft. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. Exposes Masonry as Luciferian.

Halloween and the Occult
Exposes the true satanic purpose behind Halloween. Happy Halloween. Boo! The Little Princess. While out for Halloween, a young girl explains the Gospel to her friends. Satan's Master is...? A teenaged girl brings her life to near ruin through drug abuse and the occult. A teenaged girl learns that witchcraft is really satanism. A young woman is possessed by an unclean spirit. Cautions against playing occult-oriented role-playing games. Explains how Halloween began and the choice everyone has to make between Jesus and Satan. A young witch is warned what the Bible says about witchcraft. The Nervous Witch part 2. Gladys is warned of her fate. A campy vampire story that ends with a straight gospel message. Based on a true story where a demonic spirit actually manifested visibly in the form of a pagan god to attack a Christian in India. Bad kids want to hurt the kitty for Halloween. Will she be saved in time? A story for kids. Santeria--mixing Catholic superstition and voodoo. A native American occultic battle between God and Satan. Guess who wins. The little devil, Stinky, was sent out Halloween night to get a present for Satan. Children will read the gospel as they see Stinky's terrible mistake. We're all like zombies--spiritually dead. Here's how to change it. Here's what REALLY happened in Salem. It's not what we've been told. Masonry almost destroyed his family. Repentance saved his son. Simple gospel for kids. Sam dared to accept Jesus. Is Mr. Hill brave enough to do the same?

Drugs and Alcohol
Satan's Hunter targets high school kids to destroy them with drugs. A girl learns of Satan's plans to destroy her.

Exposes the fable of evolution.

Suicides do NOT go to heaven! Rejected by his family, unemployed and with no one to turn to, Jimmy was ready for suicide. But then he met the One who truly loves him. Rahab was saved because she trusted the Lord. He will save you too, if you will call upon him. A simple and touching story about an abused boy who got saved. Joy was alone, with no one to care. But God had other plans. To keep your sanity, rely on Christ.

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The Canadian distributor of Chick literature (tracts, books and videos) is Christ The Way.

Spirits of the Dead, do they speak and hear? Explains the state of the dead and that ghosts are actually devils (fallen angels) pretending to be the souls of the dead. An explanation of the ''absent from the body'' scripture to debunk misinterpretations of the ''immortal soul'' heresy and occultic out-of-body experiences. The Whore of Babylon--Rome. The Beast 666, endtime prophecies. How to identify the true church. Debunks the popular doctrine among sincere Christians regarding the rapture. Explains the correct interpretation of the PARABLE of the rich man and Lazarus communicating after death. Explains the truth about hellfire. Compares the Old and New Covenants and their effects on the Sabbath day. Explains how Catholicism came from ancient paganism. Denounces the errors of the theory of evolution. A great explanation of ancient prophecies of world empires, the papacy, the U.S., and endtime events. Shows how to calculate the number of the Beast. Recommended!

An easy-to-understand, quick, illustrated lesson on: The state of the dead/ghosts, denouncing the ''immortal soul'' myth, and spiritualism, ie., the dangerous practice of communicating with the spirit world of devils (fallen angels loyal to Satan) impersonating the dead. An easy-to-understand, quick, illustrated lesson on: The difference between a true and false prophet, and the satanic power behind the occult, spiritualists and prognosticators. An easy-to-understand, quick, illustrated lesson on: The truth about hell. Not what most people have always believed. An easy-to-understand, quick, illustrated lesson on: The prophecies of world empires, the papacy, and the change of sabbath from the Christian Saturday to the pagan/papal Sunday. An easy-to-understand, quick, illustrated lesson on: The prophecies of world empires and the rise to power of the papacy. An easy-to-understand, quick, illustrated lesson on: The harlot ''church'' of Rome, endtime prophecies and the conflict between God's truth and Satan's deceptions. An easy-to-understand, quick, illustrated lesson on: The rise to power of America and its role in endtime deceptions. An easy-to-understand, quick, illustrated lesson on: The origin, fall and ultimate destruction of Satan. The truth about ghosts. What happens when you die?

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