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Hello everyone, it has been a while!
I met so many wonderful people
through my love for the acting talents
of Benicio del Toro thanks to this site.
Some of you have been good friends
and have helped me through some heavy
situations. But it seems that time has
taken hold and has set sail for the departure
of Jenna's Benicio del Toro shrine. It was
a nice ride while it lasted but I must say
goodbye. In case anyone was wondering
about me My life is so different now. I
got a divorce, remarried a while later and
now have a beautiful little girl. The sites
maintenance has been severely neglected
and it isn't fair to keep taking up a spot
on the net when the site has nothing left
to offer. Benicio del Toro will always be
one of my absolute favorite actors. He has
talent and skill that most actors today
only dream of. On that note Thank you
Benicio and thank you to everyone who
helped to give this little space on the
net a home. God bless you all.

, Jenna Monroe

"Del Toro is an exciting actor. He's obsessed with his work.
Terry Gilliam, Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas