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Welcome to my GMCSFont page.

Introduced in 1993, the SoundFont sample-based synthesis format has become a standard with the proliferation of the Creative Technology SoundBlaster AWE32 sound card (and its sequels Live!, and Audigy), which use the EMU8000 synthesizer engine.

SoundFonts, in a manner analogous to character fonts, enable the portable rendering of a musical composition with the actual timbres intended by the performer or composer. The SoundFont format is a portable, extensible, general interchange standard for sample-based synthesizer sounds and associated articulation data.

A SoundFont bank is a collection of sounds in the SoundFont format. Such bank contains both the digital audio samples, which have been captured from a sound source, and the instructions to the synthesizer on how to articulate this sound based on the musical or sonic context as expressed by MIDI.

Compressed SoundFonts have mostly the same information as Standard ones, but compressed in a very efficient way. This allows the creation of very big SoundFonts, which can lead to big improvements in sound quality.

If you want to hear an example of a file rendered with GMCSFont listen to:


For more information on SoundFonts go to the SoundFont tutorial.


Download GMCSFont

To download the current version of GMCSFont (5.37 Mb) click the following link:

Download gmcsfont.csf

Please note that this is a compressed SoundFont, and can be used only with software that understands this format.




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