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My Family Memories

I have created this site to share my family memories (past and present). My name is Ann, I have a son John and I live in Wyoming. My Mother was Marie Alice Laurianne Picard, daughter of Joseph Auguste Picard and Laura Genevieve Turcotte, from Lewiston, Maine. My Father was Carl Arnold Huntley from Whitneyville, Maine. This website combines past memories of the Picard family, the Huntley family and my family today.

What You Will Find Here

Now To The Good Stuff

Living In Wyoming
Living In Wyoming 2
Living In Wyoming 3
My Family
My Family 2
My Family 3
My Family 4
My Brothers And Sister
Huntley Family Photos
Huntley Family Photos 2
A Family In Uniform
A Family In Uniform 2
My Grandparents
Lewiston Police Department
Lewiston Police Department 2
Running For Sheriff
In Memoriam
Class Of '36
Class Of '36 2
Picard Family Photos
Picard Family Photos 2
Picard Family Photos 3
Picard Family Photos 4
The Picard Family Tree