Odinism vs Nazism

Heill ASAR ok Vanir
Heill Alfar ok Landvaetter
Heill öllum Asafolkar í trú ok si­r

I write this because the name "Odinism" in USA has been defiled due
to the actions of some people who commit
terrorism and racism and have become monitored by some hate group monitors.

Firstly, what is Odinism?

The word "Odinism" is derived from two components: "ism", from the greek "ismos" meaning ideology or teaching, and of course, Odin. Odin's name of course, does not come from Greek languages. I believe that his name (one name among various others such as Valfather, Alfather, Grimlord, Helm Bearer, etc) means "The Giver
of Od". Od is the gift that Lord Odin gave to all descendents of Ask and Embla (Humankind). Od is the ecstasy, or the sacred madness. A very joyful spiritual experience for those who undergo it. But of course, it is not new data foreveryone, with exception for newbies.

The Nazi racial teachings center around racial purity and
preservation (forgetting that all of us are supposed to belong to Human
Race) and are against miscigenation or so-called inter-racial marriage or

Yes, a long time ago, Lady Griselda gave us a brief note about the
view-point from the traditional lore concerning racism.

She states:

"Mainstream Norse Pagans/Asatruar believe racism is wrong, and
point out that arguments that the Gods and Goddesses
want "purity" of the race are off-base since the Gods and Goddesses
themselves mated with other races themselves. (The races
most often referred to in Norse Lore are theAesir and the Vanir,
two races of Gods; the Jotuns, also known as the Giants;
Alfs, aka Elves; Dwarves; Idises (Ancestral Mother Spirits), Humans
and various monsters. There is much mating between
Aesir and Vanir, andthere are several Aesir or Vanir and Jotun
marriages). One point that isoften brought up is that after
Ragnarok, when the new Gods start again withthe New Midgarth,
several of these new Gods will be children of God/Jotun
unions - including Thor's sons, Magni and Modi. An oft-posed
question is "Who's going to tell Thor His sons aren't "pure"

(Can ye look inside Alfather's eye without feeling guilty?)
(hast ye did everything to make his name remain clean in his desserved glory?)

That is the point! Lord Odin was not known as a God to everyone.
He chooses his True Kin. He is a Sieg Ase. (God ofVictory), Chooser of the Slain,
God of Poetry and Arts because he shares with us the Od and the Mead of Inspiration,
and afterall, he is a God of Balance.

And YES!!! Certainly it will be NOT him who will tell to the most beloved of his sons,
The Rau­a ■órR that his grandsons aren't pure enough!

Acording to the general Indo-European myth of creation, everything comes from a state of voidness.Everything comes from Ginginungap. (in our Norse case)
Quoting the Voluspß (st. 3), Snorri Sturuluson stresses that at the beginning of time there was nothing but a great void called Ginnungagap, a void filled with powerful magic forces (the term ginnung is related to Old Norse ginnregin, "the supreme gods", and runic ginArunAR, "runes endowed with magic power").
In the Voluspß, the text reads:

"When Ymir lived, in earliest times, there was neither sand, nor sea, nor chill waves", whereas Snorri says, "In the beginning not anything existed, there was no sand, nor sea, nor cooling waves.". It is probable that Snorri's version
reflects the older tradition, because the idea of an empty space and a world of mere potentiality preceding creation seems to belong to the ancestral heritage of the Germanic people since it finds an uncanny parallel with the well-known cosmological hymn of the Indian sacred text, the Rig Veda:

"There was neither nonbeing nor being; nor was there space nor the sky above" (10.129).

The same idea is expressed in Old Norse by the phrase
"Jor­ fannz Šva nÚ upphiminn"
("Earth was unknown and heaven above"),
an old poetic image paralleled in Old
High German in the ninth-century Prayer of Wessobrunn:
"Dat ero ni was noh ufhimil"
("There was neither earth nor sky above"),
as well as in the Old English formula
"Eor­an ... and upheofon."

"Shunyata tad rűpan. Rűpan sa Shunyata"
Praj˝a PÔramita Hridaya Sutra
The voidness is the form (The All). The
Form is the voidness.

"Young were the years when Ymir made his settlement,
There was no sand nor sea nor cool waves;
earth was nowhere nor the sky above,
chaos yawned, grass was there nowhere
Volüspá - Stanza 3
Carolyne Larrington's Translation


Then, from ginnungunap surges the three primordial elements of
Fire, Ice and Wind. The Interaction, struggle and
BALANCE of these three elements generated our Universe as we know
them, and our Gods. The imbalance of these three
elements will cause the destruction of the Universe as we know
them and as described in our Eddic myths. By these three
elements we were created and by these three elements, we shall be
destroyed. Everything in nature is cyclical. To experience the next
Spring, we must undergo the Winter. Any true pagan or
heathen must understand this.

These three elements have a some sort of correspondence with the
Three Cosmicological forces of Creative Chaos, Stabilizing
Order and Balancing Entropy (Destruction). We can also see a
correspondence between these three cosmicological principes and
The Three Maidens of Fate (known in Eddic lore as the Norns)
Verdandi, Urd and Skuld.

The Creative Chaos is the Element of eternal
change. From it one derives the possibility of The New. But its excess will cause
destruction. If everything changes in an unlimited manner
, nothing would exist and nothing would be really created.

To Solve this problem, there is
The Stabilizer- Order.

Order allows the newly changed object to become durable and
existent. This is the purpose of the Order, and the Chaos
working within the Order, possibly even the changes necessary to
life itself. But the excess of Stabilizer Order would cause the problem of stagnation.
Without the fluctuations of Chaos, a thing may be stagnant and will die. Like a statue.

This is why the force of Entropy (Destruction) force is crucial.
To act as a balance
between these two principles. The Entropy is an opposing force to
Chaos and Order. The excess of Entrophy however, would cause
universal destruction. Someday, it will occur,
but for natural reasons. With the action of Entropy, Chaos will
cease to give a place to the ordered situation of Voidness.
The Order itself then also ceases to exist, because there will be
no Chaos force to stabilze. Everything will turn towards
Voidness. The true Voidness that is Nothingness is therefore
Everything-in-potential. Within this scenario, even the Entropy will cease
to exist, for if there is no object to be destroyed, there cannot be
an entropy principle. When everything regenerates into
the state of Absolute Voidness that is Everything-in-Potential, the
Old (universe) was destroyed and (due to it,) a new one can
born. That is The Balance and the Cycle of Nature that Our Lore
teaches us.

The All-wise One, The God who sees everything in The Nine Worlds from is Highest Throne called Hli­skjálf, surely knew such teachings.
After the threat of the Dreaded Fenris Wolf , who was subjugated by
TyrR, who sacrificed his own hand, ask
yourselves why Lord Odin never asked someone to kill Fenris while
he (Fenris) was still imprisoned? Lord Odin knows that his
fate is to be killed by Fenris at Ragnar÷k. Why then? Because he
understands the need of the Balance in the structure of the
Universe. Even Ragnar÷k is necessary for the welfare of the
Universe. Even the efforts of the Aesir to maintain Ragnar÷k as far
as possible is mandatory. The Balance of these forces in conflict
is the thing that maintains our lives and is the force that gives
motion to the wheel of Seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumm and Winter)
in literal and symbolic meaning. Would you like an example of
how the figurative meanings of the wheel of seasons can be
applied? Here is one of various possible examples:

Birth and Childhood: Spring->Verdandi
Adolescence: Summer -> Verdandi-Urd
Adult and procriational phase: Autumm -> Urd - Skuld
Old age and Death: Winter -> Skuld

Lord Odin has also mated with Gods of another Tribes or Races if ye
prefer. With the Goddess Jord (Holy Mother Earth),
he generated his most beloved of Sons, the Red Asa-ThorR, God of
Thunder and Guardian of Humankind against the thursic
(destruction) evil forces. Thor is historically the most popular
god, worshipped by the peasants as a fertility diety, due to the benefits
that the rain caused for the welfare of the

With a Jotun (An Giant of Ice), Odhinn sired Vali, our Holy Dark
Avenger. When he experiences a really unfair and treacherous
event and the victim asks him for justice, no mercy
will be lavished upon those traitors.

Then, the nazi teaching against miscegenation and so-called
"racial purity" is completely incompatible, not only with our lore, but with Odinism.

Odin mated with women of other races in order to share their best
qualities and be multiplied unto his sons and cause Change
and Evolution. These two concepts are something that MUST be
highly prized and honored by all True Odinists and Odin's Trú-Folkar!.

But they may argue: - 'Ok, these Jontar progeny are acceptable,
due to their Aesic ancestry to be adopted by the Aesir. Then, Ancestry is
something that matters... '


What about Loki? Loki is a Pure Jotun (Giant of Ice) who was not
only accepted by the Aesir, but he became The
Blood-Brother of the Alfather, Valfather, Sieg Lord Odhinn. Also,
Ska­i is still a Jotun, but she was accepted by the
Aesir without any problems. (Well, consider it a reperation due to
the pain and woe that the Aesic gods caused to her father...)
What does the Alfather teach us by this? He teaches that a person's
acceptance must be judged by his or her own conduct of behavior and personal

This, as long with another our sacred symbols unfairly and unjustly cursed by the people, the Swastika, make Odinism and Swastika INOCENT of The Infamous Crimes and what The Odin Brotherhood stated as "Abominations" that is assassination. (I am not affiliated to they, just saw it stated on their website).

The Friends of The Swastika

(click in the smyling swastika to go into their website)

We declare the swastika to be innocent
of the crimes perpetrated in its name under the Nazi banners.
Five years of war cannot be allowed to wipe out five thousand years of sacred history.
We declare that the swastika has an independent life.
We say, "To Hell with Hitler"!

Then, there are those people who perpretate racist activities such
as the several hate crimes that occur on a daily basis, those who deny the
genocidal horrors of the holocaust during World War II, those who destroy
and deface places of worship and other property, commit murders and assaults
based solely upon racial, ethnic, religious, and sexual orientation
differences, those who demote women to the status of breeding machines in
order to sire a "pure white race", those who advocate racial segregation and
teach their children to hate those who are different in a bastardized and
failed Nazi vision of Germanic religion. Such people DON'T DESERVE THE NAME

Well, one may reply that it was only for the Gods, not to us.


When someone claims to be Asatruar or Odinist, it is supposed to
that one, to follow the norse Old Ways, or The way of
Odhinn. Our forebears were not racists or racialists.
Race was not an issue to them, only culture.
The norsemen praticed so-called inter-racial marriage. As it
happened with the inuit (eskimo) people is a good
example. Well, if it happens, would the new husband or wife
and the "half-breed" children be inuit or heathen?
Answer: It depends upon how the new husband/wife and/or his/her
childrens would act. If they live as a Inuit, they are still Inuits and
only the Inuit community would accept them. If they acted as in the
norsemen values and culture, they would be accepted in the
norse community. And the norsemen had many inter-racial marriages,
not only with the Inuit, but with many other peoples
of different ethnic origin.

The mere origin of the norsemen are not based on racial purity. As the academics know, three ethnical streams was responsible to generate the norsemen. The Proto-Indo-Europeans, The Picts (The same ones who fathered the celts) and the Uralo-Althaic!

Ok, ┴satr˙ and Oddhinism is a religion not only of Honor, but of Freedom.

There are some Kindreds that only accept people with "pure" norse,
scandinavian, teutonic, germanic or whatever ancestry. That
is acceptable IF they don't discriminate and War (to have
freedom, we and they must respect the freedom of others)
against asafolks or kindreds that do not adopt these
characteristics, rather they accept people, regardless of gender, race or
sexual orientation.
To form a new kindred or to accept a new member into one, the new
member must be trusted. Even if I don't agree with their
criteria to acknowledge if they can trust in someone enough to be a
member of their kindred or association. Life will teach them
as taught me that evil or dishonorable folks can be found
everywhere, irregardless of ethnic origin. I know about one kindred
in South-America that has had problems with such "True Asatruars"
with pure blood... These dishonourable ones abused the trust of
their Godhi, stole many T-Shirts and publications, stole articles
from another websites and assumed their authorship in the
name of the kindred (causing Copyright and reputation problems to
that one...) Fortunately, these ones were BANISHED

"In the eyes of gods, there are no chosen peoples and no master races."

Oddhinnism is a religion of Honour, Courage, Wisdom, Perseverance,
and even Humility as taught in Havamßl. Sieg Lord
Oddhinn needed all his humility to be dressed like a woman in order
to learn Sei­R from Lady Freyja for at least one year. (Am I right?)

"The fool who fancies he is full of wisdom
While he sits by his hearth at home.
Quickly finds when questioned by others .
That he knows nothing at all." Havamal - verse 26

"A man among friends should not mock another:
Many believe the man
Who is not questioned to know much
And so he escapes their scorn." Havamal - verse 30

"Of his knowledge a man should never boast,
Rather be sparing of speech
When to his house a wiser comes:
Seldom do those who are silent
Make mistakes;mother wit
Is ever a faithful friend," Havamal - Verse 6

And yes, Oddhinnism is a religion of
Compassion and Generosity:

"A small hut of one's own is better,
A man is his master at home:
His heart bleeds in the beggar who must
Ask at each meal for meat." Havamal - Verse 37

" Feoh by■ frofur fira gehwylcum; sceal ­eah manna gehwylc
miclun hyt dŠlan gif he wile for drihtne domes hleotan.

Wealth is a comfort to all men; yet must every man bestow it
freely, if he wish to gain honour in the sight of the Lord.

Gyfu gumena by■ gleng and herenys, wra■u and wyr■scype and
wrŠcna gehwam ar and Štwist, ­e by■ o■ra leas.

Generosity brings credit and honour, which support one's dignity;
it furnishes help and subsistence to all broken men who are
devoid of aught else. "
The Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem

Then, the accusations and statements that Oddhinnism and all
┴satr˙ is an egotistical and selfish Religion are untrue.

The Odinist attitude about Knowledge is to Seek the Truth, instead
of blind adherence to dogma. (understand 'Dogma' as those
unquestionable "truths" that is contained in many
of those Midle-Eastern Religions.)

Just try to say all of these words even in a reasonable tone to
those racists who claim to be Odinists. They will deny these words
with all of their hearts as a fanatical gospel, and will ignore or
even reply agressively even if they don't have arguements to reply to
all of this, instead of making a construtive discussion and/or
learn something that may make them change their actions.

Odinism is a way of learning. Odhinn is learning all the time. He
is so thirsty of knowledge that even all of the knowledge of
Freyja's Sei­ir, the aesir Rune wisdom that he aquired in
Yggdrasil and the knowledge that he learned from the Jotun Mimir was
not enough, then he sent his ravens, Hugnin and Munnin to the Nine
Worlds to gather more and more knowledge to him every
day. Then, Odinism is a way of evolution. And NOT

"Mysteries should not be explained - - they should be experienced. That is the way of Odin."

To quote Stephen McNallen:
"Some of the qualities we hold in high regard are
strength, courage, joy, honor, freedom, loyalty to kin,
realism, vigor, and the revering of our ancestors.
To express these things in our lives is virtuous, and we strive to do
this. Their opposites - weakness, cowardice, ADHERENCE
TO DOGMA rather than to the realities of the world, and the like -
constitute vices and are to be avoided. Proper behavior in
Asatru consists of maximizing one's virtues and minimizing one's
vices. This code of conduct reflects the highest and most heroic
ideals of our people. "

The Odinism is a religion of Balance. A true Odinist recognizes
that every aspect of nature, ethnic and cultural is needed to
make humankind richful as it is. In that way, those people who
commit agressions against nature, prosecution against
people or ideas just because they are ethnically, culturally
different or think in a different way, don't deserve the name or label
Odinist. One method is to fight our intolerant enemies and another
less successful is to fight people without any logical reason just because
they are different. Our Friend Asa-ThorR, most beloved of Odin sons,
fought as Alfather's wished, strongly with his Mjollnir against the
Jotun. However, he never acted agressively against all Jotun. Only
against those who regarded the Aesir and Vanir as
enemies. We have Loki, Ska­i, Gunnlo­ and others as good
examples of that. (They art not Aesir Tribe enemies).

To be a folkish, in the literal sence of the word, is to believe
and defend the reconstruction of the Clan and Tribal structure
of society and family. And in fact, it is a good idea that might
be a solution of many of our social problems, including orphans,
poverty and over-population. In a clan family structure, unlike
the nuclear family model, there is a primary mother that birthed the
children and all other mothers that is the other elder women. The
Fathers would be all of the elder men. In that way, there would be
no orphans, since the suport, sustaining and education of the
children would be a responsability of the entire clan, and not for
a single one or two individials alone. In that way, the sex will
be only for pleasure purposes and not for reprodution purposes
since the children would be only a consequence of the
pleasure and NEVER a sadly "accident". (I believe that it was one
of the probably purposes of that long houses...) In that way,
individuals must act with industriousness to the welfare of the
clan or tribe and be loyal to his/her kith and kin. And the Term
includes thy friends, Asatru OR NOT!!! Not
only Blood-related ones.

Kith, kith, n. [O.E. cytth, knowledge, relationship, native
country, < cuth, know, pp. of cunnan, to know.] Archaic,
acquaintances or friends collectively. -kith and kin,
friends and relatives, now usu. only relatives.

Kin, kin, n. [O.E. cynn, cyn, Icel. Kyn, Goth. kuni, O.H.G. chunni,
kin kind, family, race; compare kind, n. and a., king; D. and
G. kind, a child; L. genus, Gr. genos, race, offspring.]
Relatives collectively; clan; kindred; a relative-a. Related; similar.

"To a false friend the footpath winds
Though his house be on the highway.
To a sure friend there is a short cut,
Though he live a long way off." Havamal - verse 34

"With presents friends should please each other,
With a shield or a costly coat:
Mutual giving makes for friendship
So long as life goes well," Havamal - verse 41

"A man should be loyal through life to friends,
And return gift for gift,
Laugh when they laugh,but with lies repay
A false foe who lies." Havamal - verse 42

"A man should be loyal through life to friends,
To them and to friends of theirs,
But never shall a man make offer
Of friendship to his foes." Havamal - verse 43

"If you find a friend you fully trust
And wish for his good-will,
exchange thoughts,exchange gifts,
Go often to his house." Havamal - verse 44

 And if all this was not enough, to the students of History, I ask:

Need I remind all of you about the Marco Polo Protocols?

The Marco Polo Protocols are a set of ideas that was used by Marco Polo,
the famous trader who bring from China the Spaghetti, powder and mush knowledge in many
areas of expertize. Such ideas granted him success in his mission and we will expose that here.

No matter how strange, no matter how much foreigner ye are,
when ye are in foreign land or community,
you attempt to eat what they eat,
eat like they eat,
respect and follow their culture,
Worshipp their Gods,
worship them as they do,
follow their ethical-moral behaviour standards,
and show sincere efforts to learn their language, and speak like they do,

they will not only treat ye as an equal,
but as an very important member of their community.
Will treat ye better than one of their comminity.

Want to know why?
Because ye are a foreigner... Because ye are a foreigner who respect their culture.
Because since ye are a foreigner, and was not educated in that culture, it would not be
expected from ye to behave in their culture, but since ye did, they feel flattered!

Would not ye believe yet that our forebears was not on the criteria of such criteria refered as Marco Polo's Protocols?

Let me quote our Lore then.

"1. Attention I Ask, for all ye Sacred Folks,
both high and low of Heimdall's children:
thou wilt, Valfather, that I well set forth
the fates of the world which as first I recall.

2. I call to mind the Jotnar Kin
which long ago nurtured me.
Nine worlds I know, the nine abodes
of the glorious world-tree the ground beneath. "

Volüspá: The Prophecy of The Seeress: Stanza 1-2

We already know that The Jotnar (The Frost Giants, The Ettins and/or The Thurses) are usually portrayed in our lore as destructive beings, who are usually enemies of the Aesir Tribe.

But this two verses of Volüspá shows very clearly that one of the Jotnar Kin, one who long ago was nurtured by the Jotnar, has achieved the Aesir trust enough to be accepted on a Ting (Assembly), and her words trusted enough to be seriously listened and it become legend.

Adolf Hitler, in his mein kamph has said:

"The first step to destroy an nation, is to destroy its culture!"

Agreeing with this Hitler statement, since, as a Thurse (an destructive being) he understand very well about destruction, and since his racists and political ideas have nothing to do with the Original Culture before Kristyanity of the North Europeans, we must make sure that Nazism and Racism should NEVER be mixed or mistaken with the teachings of the Norse Pre-Christian Religious Traditionalism!!!

And to allow THEM to destroy our culture, is to allow destruction to our heritage, our sacred link and to our coletive souls!

And YES!!! This also means that even if somebody is one of those "pure breed with pedigree",
but act in a way that destroy our culture and heritage,
One who betray our roots,
his genes don't make him "saved", much less an better asafolk, but should NOT
be respected as one of our kind, as one of us.

Afterall, not even one of the Aesir was free from punishment for his evil deeds
due to his genes! Hod, after killed Baldr, was killed by our
holy fearsome AVENGER, Vali!!!
Who killed Hod with only two weeks aged!

But we only had spoken about racism, and nazism is also an political ideology.
Because of Hitler's Christian abuse of the Norse symbols (and indo-european Symbols, including the swastika,
there is a lot of misguided youngster who hear their ancestral call to our culture and religion, but
mistakenly take the nazi ideology unfortunatelly just to feel "more germanic"!
Unfortunatelly these youngster had a lack on Norse Pre-Christian Political History Studies.

"Nazism is based on the belief that all must submit and surrender
their indepence and rights to think freely to a father-figure run dictatorship,
which essential is a very patriarchial christian system in essense.
Our ancestors elected their leaders by votes and believed in the equality and righst
of the individual. therefore nazism has nothing in common with Asatru or our ancestors beliefs!
Ryan, Counsul of the Aesir - USA

And it is not "Just Politics" because we are speaking about Extreme-Right Political Agenda.
It is about cultural preservation!
It is not a soft-right or leftists statement.
In Norse Culture, historically there was even before the greeks, an extremelly
where there is no "right" or "left" but the people of the land
gathered in council or parliament that was called Althing or Assembly,
just speaking directly about PEOPLE NEEDS!
This is NO JOKE! Innocent people who just want to follow norse religion with traditional and family values
was arrested or in danger to be so, because they could be mistaken with nazi, racists, or others extremists of any
kind, who missuse our cultural and religious symbols to promote their terroristic activities!

"Lodfafnir, listen to my rede!
Thou shalt fare well if thou reedest it.
If evil though knowest, then PROCLAIM to all it as evil,
and make no friendship with foes"
Havamál - The Words of The Highest One
Lodfafnísmal Section
Stanza - 122

To those ones who make Our names Dirty, we cast geas in the name of Great Oddhinn, Master of Misteries!!!

And yes, we don't need watchdogs...
We NEED WOLVES!!! (Just a warning to someone threacherous...)

Hail The Grandfather Wolf Fenris!!!
Hail The Spearcutting Wolf Freke!!!
Hail The Ravenous Wolf Gere!!!

'I Hail Thee, Oh Lord Wotan of the Aesir !!!
Lord of the Winds, Alfather, Valfather,
Lord of the Runes and the Norse Misteries,
And Great Yng Hero from the Oriental Lands!
Thou art the holder of the Traditions
at the same time thou art the Great Inovator!
Wotan, The Great Shaman!
Wotan, Far wanderer, going where no God went before!
Great art thy gifts and thy ways.
In Honour of thyself, the Aesir and Vanir,
Aesgaar­ and
Our Glorious Raven Flag
We Send our Hails.
For the magical powers of Fire, Ice and Wind: HAIL HAIL HAIL'

Text by:
Go­i Me­al Mikit Stˇr-Ljon Oddhinsson

English Language Revision:
Lady Kreimhild A. Steinberg (Gi■ya Helhag Helsdottir of NYMAS)

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