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The Propaganda of the Nazi Party and the Nazi Government

Propaganda was, from the start, one of the most vital aspects of the power behind the Third Reich. Fuelled by such men as Adolf Hitler and Paul Joseph Goebbels, this propaganda developed by 1944 into a pure and outright control of all aspects of German life. In a movement which was to eventually sweep through Germany and widely distribute the ideals of the Nazi party, propaganda became a tool for the indoctrination and control of the German people.

From the start of his adulthood, Hitler believed in the power of propaganda to rally the people behind their leader. Short and repetitive slogans, he said, were ideal for "enlightening" the masses in the ideals and support of Nazi rule. In fact, the masses were too stupid, he claimed, to understand anything else, let alon remember complicated ideas. Yet only the masses could provide the support he needed in terms of holding the country together. Thus, the indoctrination of the masses through carefully planned propaganda became one of the chief concerns of the Third Reich; the movement was aimed away from intellectuals, stressing blind obedience to the state and unquestioning loyalty to the fuhrer, Hitler.

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