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This is Wormfree's On-going Story.
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....With a wave of my hand, small hard chunks of that hardened h2o I'd learned of recently, and some of that white bovine offspring nourishment, fell into a puddle at the man-chyld's feet. The Fairfax stared at the puddle at its feet, and at the button, and began making mewing sounds, as some liquid h2o stuff, tears I believe they're called, fell down it's cheeks. I felt badly for the man-chyld, but was unsure if I should try again. Remembering how these E-arth creatures like the shiney yellow coins (they fought over them so much a couple of centuries ago) I thought perhaps the chyld would like that. Another wave, and a pile rose before it's feet. I watched as it's eyes widened at the sight....

posted by Shadoe 2/15/2001

The little man-chyld looked around frantically with this dingy button in its hand, as if it were expecting something to pop out of thin air. Just to amuse myself, and to further my intellectual persuits on this planet called "E-arth" (don't blame me, I don't name them!), I attempted to make some "ice cream" appear in front of the man-chyld - which is a difficult feat if you have no clue what this "ice cream" is supposed to be...

posted by Lexi 2/15/2001

An On-Going story.......
Once upon a thyme (or was it oregano?), Long ago (next Tuuuuesday i think), in a galaxy far Farr away (Toledo, Earth - I think) there lived a little boy, or was it a girl (it was kinda hard to tell). Well, I think it was a little human chylde (all these humanoids are confusing) ;) Anysystem - This young creature was very good at getting into trouble, you wouldn't BELIEVE the things it did! There was this one time.... Gosh, should I tell you? Well, I suppose I will....
One day, it -

posted by Shadoe 2/01/2001

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