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First Solo CD (self-titled)

Second Solo CD (War and the World)

( The second CD has just arrived! Check out "War and the World" interactive here! )

Over 15 years of writing and preparing and the last 4 years working with musicians, recording and producing have gone into this self-titled CD. This labor of love combines a wide variety of musical interests and styles cultivated over the years.

From the straight forward classic pop of Roses and Please Don't Go to the traditional folk songs John Barleycorn Must Die and Raglan Road to the inventive electronic influenced Cvyaschennii Marsch and Strangelove, this CD has a lot to offer.

War and the World continues the tradition, from the blues-folk of Freedom and Miller's Creek to the astro-orchestral Leaf and The Sea Rolls to the hard hitting Shred and Saved My Life. Included is an unusual remake of Jefferson Airplane's Somebody to Love, and again, performances are included of top local musicians.

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Lyrics page CD#2

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