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Wembley Twin Towers: SuperSnaps #2

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A further in-depth study of what the dear old stadium gave to the world. Iconoclastic Iconography as an icon of Englands green and pleasant pastures. Thanks again to everyone that sent me their photographic marvels of the old stadium, now on exhibition on this site for all the world to see. How beautiful the great stadium was.

Wembley Stadium - Wembley Way
On the road to Wembley. Wembley Way, supporters approach
to the towers. The roar of the crowd, the smell of burgers...

old Wembley twin towers on a ticket
It might have been a terrible match, but the old
Twin Towers stood proudly on the ticket stub

Wembley stadium made out of lego
Wembley Stadium's Twin Towers in Legoland, England
I dont know if it's also been destroyed. It might
be the only Twin Towers left standing...

Wembley Stadium logo
From Lego to Logo. One of the best brand symblols ever
might have to be scrapped. Will it be around to remind
us all of our lost heritage, now gone forever??

Wembley Stadium England football match
Game on - In the old Wembley. Probable those chaps from
England FC again. Anything can happen... and usually did.

Wembley Stadium - Live Aid 1985
Same place, same pitch - but this time its the Live Aid
concert from 1985. Perfect venue for Sport and music.

Wembley Roadsign - pre destruction of towers
The best sporting symbol in the world was on every
roadsign in the Wembley area. Recognised and revered.

England fans at the old Wembley Stadium
Possibly the bestest football fans in the world
Seen here singing the 'Great Escape' theme tune

England World Cup final 1966
Old Wembley Stadium, England fans, the world
cup, and some sporting heroes.

Wembley Stadium satellite
Satellite Photo of Wembley's Twin Tower, from 300 miles up.

Wembley Stadium Empire Exhibition
Early days of Wembley Stadium during the 1920's
A splendid time was had by all

Wembley Stadium poster and programme
Wembley artwork from more pleasant times, before
the dark shadow was cast over it's glory.

Old and early Wembley Stadium
Fading photo of the brand new Twin Towers
The world palace of football and sport.

Scots steal Wembley goalposts
Naughty scottish supporters stealing the Wembley goalposts,
and most of the turf, in 1977's Home International

Blue Skies over old Wembley
Blue skies over dear olde Wembley