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Wembley Stadium Twin Towers: Super Snaps

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Welcome one and all to an interesting offering of holiday snaps of the dear old Wembley Stadium of olde. How I miss her terribly. This little selection is on behalf of my fellow supporters of the cause. Thanks very much for all your photographic contributions, no matter how cloudy and foggy they are. Any further submissions to this page will be most welcome. Hopefully, my friends and visitors, we shall see the old girl rebuilt aknew one day, a fine monument to world football.

Wembley Stadium Twin Towers
Pitch and Royal Box 'neath the Twin Towers

old Wembley twin towers
Lets look at the old massive digital scoreboard

Wembley twin towers lager
Wembley: Once the longest bar in the world

Wembley twin towers 39 steps
Royal Box and 39 Steps. Nothing will ever
replace the brilliance of receiving trophies
after ascending the steps with the crowd

Wembley twin towers gate - Arthur Elvin
Arthur: Guardian of the old red gate

Wembley twin towers olympics
Where the old 1948 Olympic Chalice once stood

Wembley twin towers players tunnel
Players Tunnel underneath the Scoreboard

Wembley twin towers
Arthur and the gate in all their glory

Wembley twin towers, players tunnel
View from the Tunnel. It's match time !!

Wembley twin towers royal box
Royal Box and 39 Steps. To go up these
steps for a medal or cup was a players
dream. All now demolished to dust.

Wembley twin towers - Live Aid
Live Aid broadcast 1985. A nice composite off the
tele showing the Twin Towers, Stadium, and Elton John

Wembley twin towers - Live Aid
Live Aid 1985. The tickets had plenty
of reference to the twin towers

Wembley twin towers and Queen
Freddie and the Floodlights

Wembley and Advert
Players tunnel and fizzy drink advert

Wembley Stadium - View from the royal box
View from the Royal Box. What you would
have seen if you were royalty...