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10 Feb 2003 - New goalposts to the Gates of Heaven.

And so Towers were mauled. And choirs of Angels took them for a friend. How can it be, these delights torn apart, brutalised by the dentists drill. Smashed and flattened with insensitive hatred. Just how can it be. All the love in the world cannot save the beloved gates of heaven towers, as bit by bit they're chipped away and discarded as nowt but trash. How retarded is humankind, as they massacre the cherished, and stamp on the flowers. What future for us all. What have we learned. The towers are in my thoughts, and as they are felled, I remember the recent letter I received, eager the towers would not be the new heavens gate, and its the perfect image. For as they dissapear from earth, and reappear above the clouds, I say - Stand proud, my beautiful guardians to the gates of heaven, i'll see you in the next world, and dont be late.

8 Feb 2003 - A most public execution.

Yesterday, it began. They made that most cruel incision into the crafted canopy of the towers dome. Some cretin evidently won a competition so that he could sound the klaxon public molestation call to mutilation. And now the process to savage one of the worlds greatest and wonderous works of art. How the hell could they do it? I just cant believe they're doing it. I did not make the journey to Wembley in this darkest hour. Couldnt bare it. But from the safety of South London, I did scan the media, and noticed that there IS great feeling for the Towers, but in greatest British tradition, it all blossoms too late. I do put a lot of the blame for destruction on the Media's less than neutral position. They've done NOTHING but tow the line of the money men, not an ounce of sympathy in support of the towers. They could saved them. Instead, they've so badly failed to guage public opinion, and only now do they let support items flourish. My favourite radio station, NewsDirect (now LBC) never answered a single letter of mine, nor produced any items in support. And yet yesterdays text poll of theirs shows 75% in favour of preservation. This is sickening. Media perspective dictated by Norman Foster's press office.
I thank all the wonderful people who have responded to my little campaign, and all the loving letters you've sent. All the angry ones too. I'm so sorry that, as I type, the towers are presently being ground into dust. I still cant help living in hope for them, right up to the point where things are unsalvagable. But thanks to everyone. They're still standing there in my minds eye, forever. And as for the apathetic fools out there, you wont know what you had till its gone. A fantastic lovable artistic creation destroyed for nothing.

4 Feb 2003 - I say a little prayer for you.

Wrote some more letters today, its the least I could do for the towers as they brave the onslaught of the winter gale, out there on the miserable JCB ridden sodden watery Wembley washout. What kind of cruel joke our masters 4 Feb 2003 play on the mind, to leave the beloved towers out there, apparently friendless, pityful, and frozen. No real reason for abandonment, and in this loveless world of War, space tragedy, and convoluted congestion charges, we should look toward the preservation of some of humankind's wonderful creations. What relative price now, for saving the last standing fragments of a once proud stadium? Sadly, the towers remain the focus of hate from the majority of the mindlessness, and sadistic satisfaction will not be done till those buildings are crushed into oblivion. I wait for the worst news, and pray in deep sorrow.

21 Jan 2003 - I'm still standing.

Its a new year, and for whatever reasons, those marvellous towers are upright and untouched, apart from a minor mutilation last month. Its agony for myself and other stadium lovers that we wait and wait for that rotted moment in time when the towers are Wembley Stadium's Twin Towers mercilessly cut down forever. And whilst they're still up, one cant help feeling there's still a chance. Latest dumb publicity shots from Wembley plc announce the possiblity of posthumous mini twin tower effigies flanking statuettes on the Wembley walk, a token offering and reference to history. But future visitors will never experience the wonder to behold the greatness of the magnificent towers themselves, and that's a travesty uncompensatable by anything, especially this latest half-assed insult. Meanwhile, the snorting gloating pigs of the sporting world, having secured Wembley's brutal murder, have moved on, pleading and grovelling and farting over the Olympic 2012 bid. Its an action replay of what these bloated blimps will do in the pursuit of sick gotten gains and personal prestige. I drink to their ill health.

7 Dec 2002 - The final decapitation.

The demolition crew played out another putrid performance on the world stage when Evil Deeds yesterday the new stadiums press office decided to let the world in on the ritualistic slaughter of the towers themselves. It was the celebrated removal of the dome's flagpoles that all mysteriously went wrong and secured momentary interest in their vulgar little project. I'm sure that sooner or later some jobsworthy halfwit might finally vent their anger on the towers, after all, its what stands in the way of some mighty fine profits. I just have the feeling that they might even dissapear overnight, as no-one may want to be remembered as the murderer of one of the worlds most beautiful creations. But most of the stands are now savaged into rubble, so the sad end to the towers is nigh. These are such dark times. No one can save us now. It's just another atrocity thats happening before our eyes and i'm completely powerless to stop it. It hurts like hell.

3 Nov 2002 - Waiting for the end.

Hello again to the world of architecture lovers. Its getting colder in London Town, and my dear battered beauties are still there, still standing. What a cruel end to a life that should have lasted centuries. I've just been looking at the loving care given to the 1936 Berlin Olympic Stadium, all of its wonders still preserved and honoured for the Horrendous hood in hard hat fabulous creations that they are. No sickening cloud of destruction is entertained there. No cantankerous dodgy deals and secret handshakes abound. No bulldozers. Just peace and angelic archictecture, seductive stone excellence cradled and cuddled and worshipped by the citys masters. A gift to endless generations. My blood is now boiling as I compare that to the gormless hate exhibited by Wembley's executioners and torturers. The Towers are reportedly on Death Row till early 2003. Until then, work continues in their shadows to scythe up the grounds innerds and remould the concrete dust into very profitable twin tower effigys. A nice little earner for Judas. I like the way that they stabbed the Banqueting Hall on the first demolition day, and then left it. How symbolic of the putrid minds that run this corrupt conglomerate, that they're reduced to sheer vandalism of their victim. Well, my campaign and letters will continue till the very very end. No thanks either to the cowardly stinking TV and newspaper Media morons who've just towed the line and been bought and brought into shrivelling neutrality. Havent even presented a word in the defence of the Towers. Dumb-witted enough to suckle up to the financiering fools. Pathetic. Oh well, its going to be a cold cold christmas in Wembley. I'm still in disbelief that they're as good as dead. I hope that the owners, politicos, and money men involved in this disgrace all choke on thier turkey. SCUM.

1 Oct 2002 - It was the worst of times.

Yesterday, the old Stadium suffered the first wound as teams of monsterous mechanics dealt out grotesque acts vandalism upon the upper tiers of the deco banqueting suite. Killer JCB Its the beginning of the end for the Towers, and once again the media shows no support for their preservation. Reports seem to take great pleasure in their demise. The only focus is on future gains, future greed. Why didnt they save the towers and build their stupid money spinner elsewhere? They've turned their back on our friend and let our national treasure be murdered before our eyes. How can they drool over rewards when the worlds greastest and proudest work of art is slain by an ignorant act of knife slashing? Its brutal, criminal, sickening. Soon we will watch the towers collapse into dust forever, and the scum will rejoice at the thought of their winnings. I dont so much blame the bastards that have got away with it. I'm more disgusted with the traitors that populate our so called heritage and conservation institutions. You've all done a bloody marvellous job.

1 Jun 2002 - Save the Twin Towers!

As I read on through mounds of press platitudes it becomes clear that the double Clouds over Wembley Stadium deal is almost complete, and talk is in the air over an imminent and brutal attack on these beloved creations, the Twin Towers, and I sit in disfigurement over my uselessness in protecting a most loved and fragile object that will soon be no more. But what can I do? I write about it, complain about it, but no-one is listening, least of all the press, who couldnt care less, and are more convinced than ever that the old stadium needs to be flattened. How I hate them all. I wish I could buy Wembley and protect it and preserve it for all time (and the odd concert and football match). But poor Wembley and it's towers are doomed, betrayed, unloved. But I love them. And when the last sunset darkens the Wembley Way, I will be there with you, to see you off into a better world.

22 May 2002 - Threats of Refurbishment!

Well well well, did I read this correctly? Or did the governent just threaten to reopen our beautiful old stadium in preference to any more money wrangling? How amazing. And Venue of Legends yet not unexpected. If there was ever a reason for these idiots to save the Twin Towers, it would be one of finance and face-saving, and not of conservation. Of course, ultimately I dont care what happens, as long as old Wembley is protected. Let them all destroy themselves in a cloud of impropriety. But stop them destoying our heritage. Sadly, it's all still undecided, with commitees of stuffy nincompoops fighting over insane protocol and audacious auditing. I dont have much hope, but its the first bit of good news this year. If the Twin Towers are saved by default, then so be it.

8 May 2002 - Still on Death Row.

Yesterday the government extended yet another deadline, letting the insensitive suits wrangle over some more double dealing small print. Yet not a thought was given towards saving the beautiful Twin Towers. Only last weekend, thousands of London's fans travelled a hundred miles to a footballing fixture, because their own Stadium has been purposely left to rot. A minor sum could have saved, modernised, and upgraded Wembley Stadium for the nation, but they would rather force fans into long distance expeditions rather than preserve the Towers. Forget all the propaganda over Wembley's seating and facitlities. Everyone knows Wembley can upgade the present Stadium. You've got to think whats in it for them. Why have they messed fans around in this way, and let Wembley's Towers drift into dereliction. Is secret money changing hands? Or are the Towers a politically incorrect symbol of British Empire? We should be up in arms seeing yet another cornerstone of our heritage being ignored and destroyed, with all conservation talk suppressed. It's absolutely criminal. Destroying the Twin Towers will cost nearly a Billion Quid. Dont let them throw away our past... and future.

26 Apr 2002 - German Bank may fund new Stadium!

What a bitter blow. I was hoping that british banks would foul up on the deal to support the demolition of the old stadium. Just when you think things couldnt get worse, a German bank sticks its foot in the door and offers finance. I suppose this is the supreme irony, that our old footballing enemy pays to see the destruction of the Twin Towers. And what an own goal if the government allows it to happen. Still, with only a few days to go before the deadline, it seems the government, like everyone else, would welcome the death of Wembley and its bold architecture. Traitors!

Wembley Stadium - Ariel view

18 Mar 2002 - Decision Day is 30 April.

Its only several weeks till the culling day of 30 April, when the final go ahead will be made for what is to happen to the stadium. Only a short time to get some final begging letters into the government. Maybe I could chain myself to the towers flagpole, but its terribly cold up there.

13 Mar 2002 - Wembley Park Tube Upgrade approval.

So the green light goes on for the grand plan of extending facilities at Wembley Stadium's major transport link, allowing thousands of passengers to pass on through to.. well, where exactly? They say that the investment in the station will indeed be incentive to investment in the Stadium, but who knows. Personally, of course, I would welcome the added incentive if directed towards a whopping great Stadium conservation project for the twin towers, then travellers from all over the world can use Wembley Park tube to come and see them. Howzat?

Wembley's Towers by candlelight

28 Feb 2002 - The Construction Site is up and running.

Took a quick recce to see my beloved towers, maybe for the last time, and was dismayed to see that the wrecking crew was already in, work on certain things already started, valuable things removed. And whats worse, the Stadium is surrounded by a ring of green gating, signposted 'construction site'. Oh dear. And yet the towers stand proudly on the horizon, such a beautiful image.

25 Feb 2002 - Birmingham announce another challenge.

I'm glad in a way that the politics continue, any stay of execution makes me feel better, and I also think that every major city in Britain deserves a large sporting and musical open air arena. All this competition is all so greedy. And yet it all still ignores the architectural and historical value of things. Especially the Twin Towers of Wembley.

Wembley's Twin Towers silhouette

11 Feb 2002 - Another Death Warrant signed

News today that the major banks that were on standby to dish out the $$$millions needed for a new stadium, and hence the destruction of the old one, have appoved to forwarding of all funds to the builders. Well, I suppose that guarantees the end of the Twin Towers, it was all a desperate thought to imagine that the towers would be saved by further meddling by the money men in their own affairs. So what next? I suppose when the final go-ahead is in writing, the Towers will die in April 2002. And judging by the lack of interest, my site may become a tribute site to the memory of my beloved towers. All my letter writing has come to nothing. I suppose I can always lay in front of the bulldozers, but then who would look after my pet aardvarks?

23 Jan 2002 - Latest Crap Design revealed:

Well, some slightly good news at last, some people forwarded a plan to save the twin towers to front yet another one of those stupid typical boring designs that every stadium built these days is based upon, and the opinion that I form, even as a lover of the Twin Towers, is that why the hell should they bother? The artists impression shows the poor towers, now stripped of their underbuildings, just standing there as a reminder of the wholesale creation that one stood as a brilliant stadium package and monument to world footballing history. One cant help thinking that, altho this is a step in the right direction, it just serves as a reminder that its not just the towers thats worth preserving, but the whole package, and that even includes thestands, of which has a marvellous arched exterior built on roman architecture. Why cant they just fix the things that are so wrong about our stadium, like the toilets, expensive horrible food, and build new seating to bring the seats closer to the pitch? Then a lovely paint job.... Sorted!