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Wembley's Twin Towers: Author's Argument

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This site attacked the unnecessary destruction of the old Wembley Stadium
It was my HQ for the 'Save Wembley Stadium's Twin Towers Campaign'.
An Internet-led attempt to save the Towers.
Here are some thoughts and observations on the dilemna:

London and Britain needed more than one World class stadium, and it was pointless destroying the original Wembley instead of building a second Stadium elsewhere. The redundant Dome could have been replaced with a proper stadium, as the area had a brilliant infrastructure. They could have trashed the Dome immediately, built a nice new non-descript stadium there, and then spent lots more wonderful cash on preserving our beautiful beloved Twin Wembley Towers! It would have been a great investment to have the capacity of two Stadia, either side of London, perfect elements for any options in sporting or musical events.

The Media totally ignored the plight of the old twin towers. They did not see or take on both sides of a very important story. They needed to equalize the powerful money-led destruction lobby that threatened the towers and world sporting history. But they just towed the line. The media did in no way spotlight any plight in opposition to the business propaganda frenzy that pushed through the 'need' for replacement of the Twin Towers. Were they bought off?

It would not have taken so much money to do up the old Stadium and create the world class facilities that people in the business were whinging about. Wembley could have beeen Modernised and Refurbished, not destroyed. Its been done with so many places in the world, but instead the developers were given a free reign to destroy one of our national treasures so as to make their mark on the landscape instead, just like a dog marks its territory.

The so called protectors of Britains buildings had obviously all sold out to the money men. Otherwise, why would there be such a cover-up. How many other really important buildings of the stature of Wembleys Twin Towers been threatened with destruction but their story been totally ignored by the so-called saviours of architecture? Why was there complete silence and apathy towards one of the worlds most important pieces? Something was up, even English Heritage, supposedly the champions of our buildings, were omenously silent? Was this a sell out to a backhander? It all really stinks.

They would rather have destroyed the towers than move them. Even offers from other established sports entities to remove and rebuild the towers had been turned down. Is this because of Wembley Stadium's real values as sporting memorabelia scrap? They had the cheek to sell the turf and the seats to collectors, and those money men had no doubt hit on the real killer value of the beautiful towers - to sell them off by the demolished pebble. These evil depths of asset-stripping should have been halted, but the power greed killed off the towers.

The stupid political prestige of going for the world cup 2006 venue led to more and more pressure put on to the towers demise. Government were determined to do anything to pander to Fifa and cronies to provide the pathetic boring doppelganger stadium seen the world over just to get the money spinning prestige deal. They even got Bobby Charlton to say that the deal was worth more to him than his World Cup winners medal! Was anyone convinced of that, least of all him? Once the consortium had failed in their greedy attempt, it was inevitable that biz interest would die in the reconstuction of Wembley, and so began a two year long abandonment. The stadium left to rot. The beautiful towers still in the shadow of the murderers axe.

Political Correctness is an ignorant process and may have had a hand in securing the death of old Wembley. It's been argued that the existence of the old Empire Stadium and its Towers are something that certain activists considered politically incorrect, and thats why there was so much pressure to get them destoyed at all costs. This seems likely because there's been a lot of hatred cultivated towards the memory of the British Empire, especially in England. There's been idiotic indoctrination over many years to fuse a big denial into England's consciousness. Buildings might be seen as a target of this hatred, especially those that are remnants of old Empire. This reminds me of efforts in 2001 to remove or sideline various statues in London, in case they might cause 'offence'. The same rediculous thinking might have been applied when deciding to flatten the Wembley Twin Towers. What ignorance. What patronising stupidity. No matter what your politics might be, it's insane to blame beautiful buildings for any supposed historical hurt. Theres certainly a greater evil at work here, greater than any inhumane acts of empire building.