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The Wembley Stadium Twin Towers Website

Save Wembley Stadium's Twin Towers

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This Website was at least one persons dream to see the beautiful old Wembley Stadium saved for the world. I loved the Stadium as a whole creation but I especially liked the Twin Towers and their underbuildings. I'm Wembley Stadium's Twin Towers disgusted at the way that they were condemned to death and i'll always be saddened by the absolute apathy the Towers suffered from the sporting and architectural community alike.

It became a media trend during the later part of the 20th Century to suddenly be disenchanted with the facilities and design of Wembley Stadium, and it was only a matter of time before speculators and politicians saw the Stadium as a soft target and ripe for destruction, with all other considerations expendable. No visions to perserve the architecture, no efforts in designing to upgrade. Just the callous intent to destroy. Once they saw the selfish benefits in killing off Wembley Stadium, the towers were doomed. No real debate was encouraged. Not many could see thru the propaganda.

I thought the original Wembley Stadium was gorgeous, and so important to Architectural and footballing history. So onwards I travelled with my solitary internet campaign to save the Towers, and as their time became shorter and shorter, as those bulldozers, eager to rev up and flatten, started to home-in on the worlds most wonderful sporting monument, I lived in hope that I could motivate Londoners, Englanders, Brits, Europeans and in fact all peoples of the worlds continents to find any little time to submit protests and save Wembley from annihilation.

So here was my HQ for the Save Wembley Stadiums Twin Towers Campaign. I begged readers to write letters to authority, media, conservationists, and politicians to save the Towers. I would have at the very least loved to have saved the Towers themselves, but the gathering of underbuildings were so wonderful that I considered the supporting structure crucial to a proper preservation. Furthermore, most of the stand's construction was of great design value, with its monsterous arches, and it would have been superb to see this incorporated into a refurb, if one was needed at all.

Ultimately, there was no room in the business plans for anything but total destruction. No interest by the media in anything but the political rhetoric. And so the old Stadium was closed down, with an overblown money spinning fanfare in anticipation of its gleaming replacement. The Stadium laid empty, rejected and abandoned for over two years, as the idiots squabbled jealously over which new boring design was best, what sucker had to pay for it, and what was in it for them. It was as sad as it was criminal.

Finally, even these ogres could see the fiasco was hurting future profits, and they forced themselves into a desperate deal. The Twin Towers came down around Feb 2003, a devastating blow to architecture lovers everywhere, and the end to my quiet campaign. Nevertheless, I will maintain this website as a tribute and history centre to the venerable venue of Legends.