The Peace Corps

I don't remember when I first wanted to join the Peace Corps. I don't even remember when I first heard about or how I knew it existed.
My first memory involving Peace Corps was 10th grade Geometry 2. I was explaining to the teacher that I would never NEED geometry in my future. He, in a misguided attempt to prove me wrong, asked me what I planned to DO in the future. (I guess, he was going to point out how geometry would could in handy in any career I could name.) And I said I was joining the Peace Corps.
Well, the whole class laughed at me, and cracked jokes about disappearing into the jungle, marrying King Matoeto and having 15 kids with rickets. (I distinctly remember the rickets part).

And that was that. Until my freshman year of college.

I started dating a graduate student during my freshman year. He had been born in Taiwan and had traveled throughout Asia (military family). All his friends were returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCV). I thought they were such FREAKS.
The girls wore bizarre clothing from far off lands and wore no make-up. The guys were almost as bizarre with there interest in strange foods and politics.
My boyfriend listened to PUBLIC RADIO and used Tom's of Maine toothpaste. I was always in my white mini-skirt with pink sweater. I used to change the station to the local pop station, everytime my boyfriend left the room. And I mocked those strange girls. "She will never get a boyfriend looking like that!"

So you can see where this story is going. 4 years later I was hauling my own bags through the grasslands. I was in TEVAS, no make-up and I couldn't remember the last time I had shaved anything.
I wrote that old boyfriend to tell him of the strange twist of events. He, of course didn't give a rats ... and never responded. BUT ANYWAY....

How did I actually GET IN the Peace Corps, you may wonder.

How and why I applied

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