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Well,it's over. We had a good run. I started this journal (I guess they call them "blogs" now) back in.. when? 1996? I was a fat girl living in South Korea sharing my thoughts, feelings, and adventures. Thoughout the years I went through a lot: Broken heart in Korea, Muslim extreamists running me out of Egypt, dating a heroin addict who put me in debt, buying a house, getting my Masters degrree, gastric by-pass and losing over 100 pounds, and finally finding a great job, a wonderful boyfriend, and finding... myself.

This blog got me into trouble. It cost me a least 2 jobs and a man or two. I finally have too much to lose. I am in a public school where my exploits could not only get me fired but possibly lose my liscense and career. And, my man, against my wishes, read the damn thing and was NOT very happy about seeing his most personal moments on-line for the world to see.

My real life is finally worth more than the pleasure I get out of writing on line.
I hope I still continue to journal. It will just not be posted. And people who know me in real life will have to e-mail or call to get the scoop.

I am kinda bummed but I am happy that I finally have a life worth protecting. I think that says a lot too.

So, thanks so much for reading. I will miss you. I will miss my diary. But I look forward to the future more than ever.


Wendy (aka The Fat Traveler)
September 21, 2007

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