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Archery Links
Arms and Armour 

Arms and Armour Links

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Living History
Martial Arts
Medieval History Resourses
New pages and those under construction
 New Varangian Guard Inc.
Other Historical 
Projectile Combat
Vlachernai Garrison (NVG Inc.)
Fictional Works

New pages and those under construction
 The Raid  (a short story, fight plan available).
The Ringforts of Harald Bluetooth (another short story)
Sven's Merchant Page

New Links
 Green Habitat Solutions
(Traditional Mongolin Yurts)
Flaming Gargoyle Pottery
- Alexander de Vos
 Knights of the Crown

My webpages include the following:


A Bibliography of Archery
A Glossary of Archery
Sven's Merchant Page
Longbows (self), crossbows and other supplies (Turbows)
The Solenarion, the Byzantine Arrow Guide

My Arms and Armour Pages

Arms and Armour Index
Arms and Armour Glossary
The Chest Harness Known as the 'Varangian Bra'
The Gjermundbu Mail Shirt (The only extant Viking Mail Shirt)
The Spear Butt
The Spear Butt, An Addenda
Enarmes, the straps on a Kite Shield
Gambeson Patterns (pdf format 707K)


How to make a 13th Century Satchel How to Make a Pilgrim's Alms Satchel How to make a Projectile Combat Helm How to make Viking Stool
How to make a Viking Table A Replica Viking Chest, based on the Mastermyr Find The Voxtorp Church Chest (1200 A.D.), Plans and Pictures of Replica Vlachernai's Traction Trebuchet


Bibliography of Military Architecture
Anglo-Saxon Burhs
Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives
An Aerial View of Masada
David's Tower, Jerusalem
Drawings of Aspects of Military Architecture
A Dictionary of Military Architecture
Siege Warfare, The Art of Offence and Defence
Shiro, A Japanese Castle
The Defences of Constantinople
The Defences of Nicaea
The Town Walls of Conwy
The Walls of Ankara
 What is a Castle?
More Pictures of the Theodosian Land Walls


Everyone's responsibility
Great Quotes from Sergei Eisenstein's 1938 Film
"Alexander Nevsky"
Sven's Picture Gallery

Projectile Combat

How to make a helm for Projectile Combat
Projectile Combat, an explanation
Projectile Combat, A Battle Report from February 1998

Fictional Works

 The Raid  (a short story, screen play and fight plan).
The Ringforts of Harald Bluetooth (another short story)
Lost and found (short story) - to be published.


Extant  Period Tents

Tents and Encampments
From the 2001 Australian Medieval Conference

The Tents of History

A Collation of Manuscripts and Other Item Depicting Tents From the 1st Century to the 18th Century.

Part 1.  1st Century to the 6th Century
Part 2. 7th century
Part 3. 8th century
Part 4. 9th century
Part 5. 10th century
Part 6. 11th century
Part 7. 12th century
Part 8. 13th century
Part 9. 14th century
Part 10. 15th century
Part 11. 16th century
1501 - 1525
1526 - 1550
1551 - 1575
1576 - 1600
Part 12. 17th century
Part 13. 18th century
Part 14. Unknowns
Part 15. Index by Tent Types (e.g. bell, cone, marquee, yurt, etc)
Part 16. Conclusions
Part 17. Links
Part 18. News
Part 19. Under Investigation
Part 20. Collections (1st century to the 15th century)
Part 21. Bibliography
Further Reading


Vlachernai's Traction Trebuchet
Traction Trebuchets of History


A Collation of Viking Names
How to make Viking Stool
How to make a Viking Table
Replica Viking Chest, based on the Mastermyr Find
The Gjermundbu Mail Shirt (The only extant Viking Mail Shirt)
Viking Toy Horses
Knattleikr - The Viking Ball Game

New Varangian Guard Inc.

New Varangian Guard Inc.


Vlachernai Garrison
Gallery - The early days.
Gallery 1 - Combat
Gallery 2 - Sieges and Siege Equipment
Gallery 3 - Archery and other skills
Gallery 4 - Miscellaneous
Gallery 5 - Drill practice
Gallery 6 - Route March
Membership Profiles
Seeking Membership and FAQ's
List of Recommended Suppliers
Standing Orders
Archery Competition Rules
Arms and Armour
Vlachernai's Traction Trebuchet
 Feast Recipes
 Gallery 7 - 20th Birthday Party
Gallery 8 - Armidale Dark Ages Event
Gallery 9
The Gathering
(Vlachernai's Newsletter)

Links I recommend
(let me know if they don't function)
Archery Links
Arms & Armour
Living History
Martial Arts
Medieval History Resourses

Other Historical Re-enactment Organizations

Arms and Armour

Mail Shirt from Kungslena Manning Imperial Online, Arms and Armour Preliminary Analysis of Mail Armour
12th Century Kipchak Helmet
Viking Shields from Archaeology
Seljuq Armour and Weapons
How Well Armoured Were The Emperor’s Varangians?- Another View The Norman Bib Reconstructed
Arms and Armour Glossary

Archery Links

Archery Australia Inc.
Archery Victoria Inc.
Articles from the Journal of the Society of Archer-Antiquaries Society of Archer-Antiquaries
Thumb Rings


Byzantine Coinage Byzantine Infantry Formations Byzantine Lamellar Armour Byzantine Recipies Byzantine Tableware Levantia: Byzantium and the Medieval Near East ROMIOSINI:               Hellenism in the Middle Ages

Living History Articles

A Varangian 
All the battlefield insults you will ever need to know
Byzantium’s Neighbours:  The Bulgarians
Byzantium - the English Connection
Experiments with Early Medieval Pottery
Graffito of a Medieval Ship in Hagia Sofia Cathederal, Istanbul
Hairy stories of beards and moustaches!
How Well Armoured Were The Emperor’s Varangians?- Another View
 Medieval Pavilion Resources  Relics of the Varangians
Rus Male Costume
Russian Temple Rings
 Seljuq Armour and Weapons
Simple Medieval Shoe Pattern
The Balkan Slavs (Croatia and the Serbian Empire)
The Magyars of Hungary
The Norman Bib Reconstructed
The Seljuqs of the Rum
The Vikings in Russia
Varangian on an Ivory Panel?
Viking Shields from Archaeology
Wickelbander (Legwraps)
The Armenians
Peasant Architecture of Anatolia
Varangian Battle Honours
Byzantium: The English Connection
The Fourth Crusade and the fall of Constantinople
 The Adoption of Byzantine Equipment and Customs by the Varangian Guard 

Martial Arts

Aikido Shudokan Inc. (Yoshinkan Aikido)

Medieval History Resourses

Castles on the Web
Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection
Serçe Liman1 11th Century Byzantine Shipwreck Excavation (excavated by the Institute for Nautical Archaeology, University of Texas
Labyrinth Resources for Medieval Studies Sponsored by Georgetown University
Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies
Resources of Medieval Studies
Site O is a group of people from around the world that share an interest in fortifications and artillery. Some are authors on the subject, some are connected with Universities and teach it and others are simply fascinated with it.
Russian Arms and Armour
Medieval Russian Life
Viking Heritage
(Magazine, data base, etc.)
Viking Bronze
War, Peace and Security Guide, Information Resourses Centre, Canadian Forces College
WWW-VL History: Central Catalogue
Historical Guides

Occupational Health and Safety

Sven's OH&S Index (Australian based)

Other Historical Re-enactment Organizations and Events

Ancient Arts Fellowship
Australasian Register of Living History Organizations
Frojel Gotlandica

Latrobe University Historical Re-enactment Society
Living History mailing list
Levantia: Byzantium and the Medieval Near East
The 2007 Australian Medieval Conference
The Gathering 2004
Danish Australian Cultural Society Inc.
(Medieval Music Group)
MMFAT 2006
Melbourne Medieval Fair and Tournament
Order of the Crown
The White Company
Historical Events Company


Birka Traders

(Jewellery, clothing, and accessories for Viking, Russian, Roman, Byzantine and other cultures)

 Bojo Products (Bob Ellis)
Period Tents
Manning Imperial Online

(Arms and Armour, Jewellery, Tents, Fantasy Gear)

 Cockerel Woodworks
Period Carpentry
Recurve Bows
(Hungarian, Mongolian, etc.)
Sven's Merchant Page

Longbows (self), crossbows and other supplies

Hylands Bookshop.
(Military)    (10/11/02)
Yoretymes Emporium of History
(New web site)
(Costume hire, Wedding catering, Wedding costumes for hire or purchase, School displays, Performances, Medieval wares)
Flaming Gargoyle Pottery
- Alexander de Vos
Green Habitat Solutions
(Traditional Mongolin Yurts)

Cote and Cutler (5/12/05)

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