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David Arquette

Nice Nice Nice Random Facts -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- David lost his virginity at: 14 (In case you were wondering.)---- --- One of the whole reasons David is an actor today is because of a school play he did for money... Some girls had told him he would be paid for doing it, and he was the only auditioner, he landed the role, went on to do the play. Afterwards he went up to the teacher and asked for his money, stunned and somewhat angry that he wasn't going to be paid for a school play he walked off... Feeling bad, his teacher handed him a check and paid him for it, later on in his career, David went back and paid his teacher. --- David is an amazing break dancer.--- He is quite an exhibitionist... For example; running naked thru a buffet, naked bowling.--- Ear 2000 is David's Band.--- David likes clowns. Maybe that explains he's taste in clothes. :) --- He was married to Courtney Cox on June 12, 1999. ---David played the role of FrankenFurter on Broadway..

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