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Ashley Angel

Angel gets heavenly deal from ABC Source: The Lance Date: March 23, 2000-April 5, 2000 Issue: Volume 56, Issue 14 Author: Buddy Fairbanks Ashley Angel finally has a chance to showcase his talent to the world. The 18-year-old former Shasta College student will be featured on the upcoming ABC series Making The Band, which will premiere on Friday, March 24. The show documents the forming of a new boy-band of pop singers from the process of narrowing down from 25 contenders, to eight, and then to the five that make up the band O-Town. Angel has made it through each of the cuts and made it to be one of the eight finalists. ABC has not officially released the names of the five band members, yet it is said that ANgel has made the final cut. This comes as no surprise to John Hoover, Angel's friend and former teacher. "He's probably the most talented person I've ever known to come out of Redding," Hoover said. "I always expected something like this would happen to him, it was only a matter of time," he added. Hoover started working with Angel on acting at Buckeye Middle School. Not long after he started acting, he took up music and singing, which Hoover also instructed him on. Angel started playing guitar while he was in the eighth grade. Hoover showed him how to play some, but said that for the most part, he learned on his own. Hoover said that he worked with Angel off and on over the course of five or six years whenever he needed help. According to Hoover, when Angel was in the ninth grade and didn't have a decent guitar, he sold him one for one dollar. Hoover said that he wanted to give him the guitar, but Angel wouldn't take it for nothing, he wanted to buy it. He also starred in last summer's SC production of Grease. Angel got his opportunity from Rebecca Olson's Act Now studio in Redding. Olsen, his first manager and acting coach, sent in his resume with a head shot when she found out about the project. He got called in to go to an audotion in one of several cities; he auditioned in Las Vegas. He was then selected to be one of the 25 to go to Orlando. He then made it to be one of the eight finalists picked to live in a house together in Orlando, Fla., while the final five are selected to be in a "Backstreet Boys" type of band. "He could sing, dance and act," said Olsen. She also said that he has the right kind of look that appeals to people. Newfound fame can be a little overwhelming, but Hoover said that it hasn't changed Angel and he hasn't let it go to his head. "I'm just really proud of him," Hoover said.