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Carson Daly

from YM Mag. Everyday well over a million teens spend their after-school hours with MTV cutie Carson Daly. Whether you're casting your video vote or ogling the stars who drop by the Times Square studio in New York City, you're probably one of those girls who need their daily dose of Carson, the popular host of Total Request Live. YM turned the tables on the interviewer to get the goods on his glamorous gig. YM: So how well do you know the musicians you're on our cover with? Carson Daly: I've met Enrique a couple times, and we're getting friendlier. And I knew Jessica before she was successful, so its been exciting for me to watch her go to number one. Jeff's awesome--those guys in the boy bands are so cool. And Chilli is the best. She always brings me new groups to listen to. YM: It's so cool that TRL has a variety of music. CD: Yeah. When I was young, music was segregated--if you liked heavy metal, it was that and nothing else. But now you can be into all different types of music. The YM cover represents that. YM: What strikes you about the performers at the top today? CD: Oh man, it's crazy how quickly it happens. I've seen people like Kid Rock and Eminem go from nowhere to through the roof in no time. Pop culture is set up now so that you can have your video on TRL, your song on Dawson's Creek, and a global online interview all at once. You can be a success as a teenager quicker than ever before. It's not overnight, but it's close. YM: You've had your share of success as well. What is it really like to work on TRL? CD: I don't work! I've got this gig at MTV where I just hang out every day and interview cool people. YM: What's the most glamorous part of your job? CD: It's cool to hook up my friends and family. If my little cousin wants to see 'N Sync, I just call Joey on his cell phone. YM: Is it bizarre having all those girls in Times Square screaming your name? CD: Yeah, but I know it's only because I'm their gateway to Justin or Nick. I'm like Willy Wonka--I can take them to the chocolate river and the giant candy bears. But it's cool. I love to make that dream come true for them. YM: Do people recognize you a lot now? CD: Yeah, and it's growing because I'm on the channel so much. A girl came up to me the other day, and I was like, "Wow, and attractive girl's coming up to me, and she's of age," and she's like, "I have a little sister that watches you every day." I was like, "Rats!" It's never the big sister. YM: What are you looking for in a girl these days? CD: I'm done looking. When God wants me to meet somebody, it'll happen. I meet tons of beautiful women, but they're all so successful and famous that I can't relate to any of them. Some of them have never had to walk ten blocks with their laundry only to realize they forgot their quarters and have to walk back. They're hot young actresses, and I just don't relate. YM: But you went out with one--Jennifer Love Hewitt. CD: Yeah, but Jennifer's totally different. She's way down-to-earth. We had the best time. I'm talking about the really highfalutin girls. People will see me interviewing Gwyneth Paltrow or Denise Richards and think something's going on between us, and I'm like, "What are you talking about?" It's two separate worlds. I do my job, they leave, and that's it. YM: How do you spend your weekends? CD: I have a small group of guys that are, like, my boys. I live on al cool little street, and I hang out there. YM: What do you do when, say, Kid Rock comes to town? CD: It depends. I've done stuff with Kid Rock that I'd never do without him, and other times we've just sat in his hotel and rapped. People probably think we're raging, but it's all very low-key. YM: What are your plans for the future? CD: We're seeing the power of young people in music right now, but there are still so many great bands and ideas that are unheard. I want to provide an outlet for everybody who has a genius idea but is just working at Del Taco. I'd like to have a record company, produce TV shows, direct a video, be in a film. YM: So you want to act? CD: I act every day; you'd be surprised. If you think I like everything I present, you're crazy. Plus, I'm on every day looking like everything's great. I had to go live on the air 20 minutes after learning my mother had breast cancer. I thought she was dying, and I had to smile and say, "Hey! Here's the top ten on TRL!" That's acting in my book. YM: Are you totally psyched to be where you are? CD: All I've ever wanted to do is play music for other people. And somehow I've wound up on the cover of YM with all these amazing musicians. I'm honored to be a part of it. Books in Film: Recent Releases ---Back to the index Superstars Superstars Superstars Superstars Superstars Superstars Superstars