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Matt LeBlanc

From People Magizine: "Oh, his lips," Jennifer Aniston coos about her costar Matt LeBlanc. "They are just smooshy. I've never seen someone who can just sit there and have his mouth do that pouty thing." The two are only Friends, of course, but Aniston knows the power of his pucker. "Before taping the show, we all hold hands in a circle and kiss each other," she says. "He kisses right on the mouth." As Joey, the intellectually challenged member of the troupe, LeBlanc's lusty lips are as likely to break into a goofy grin as a passionate kiss. One passion the 32-year-old actor has had to kiss off is Italian food, most of which is a big No when it comes to sticking with the Zone diet, which Aniston introduced him to last fall. "It's not really a diet as much as a style of eating, but you want to stay away from breads and pasta," says the Newtown, Mass.-bred LeBlanc, whose mother, Patricia, 58, an office manager, hails from Arce, Italy. (She and LeBlanc's dad, Paul, 58, a mechanic, split up in 1974.) "When I go home, well, you have to throw it all out the window when you go visit your mom," he concedes. Back in L.A., LeBlanc works off Mom's cooking with an hour a day of weights and another hour on a stationary bike. But when it comes to other aspects of his appearance, the 5'11" actor slacks off. LeBlanc gets his hair cut only on the Friends set, where the stylist also colors his few gray strands. "If it weren't for the show, I'd leave it alone," he says. "And I hate to shave. I won't shave unless I'm going to be on-camera." His fiancée, model Melissa McKnight, 35, doesn't mind at all. "I think it's sexy on him," she says. As for the rest of his regimen: "I shower. I brush my teeth. If I have a zit, I pop it." One imperfection he's resigned to keep, he says, is "a calcium deposit on one of my front teeth. Some people have said, 'You should get that covered up.' But most people don't notice it. I'm comfortable with the way I look." Superstars Superstars Superstars Superstars Superstars Superstars Superstars Superstars