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Josh Hartnett

Superstars Superstars Superstars Josh Hartnett 25 Facts You Never Knew 1. The brown eyed cutie was born in San Francisco on July 21, 1978, but was raised in St. Paul, Minnesota. 2. Josh has a younger sister, Jessica, and two little brothers Jake and Joe (guess his parents like the letter "J".) 3.Josh almost went up the Creek. He tried out six different times for a part on Dawson's---but he never got it! 4. Brush up on the saxophone girls: Josh digs jazz music and calls himself "a poet". 5. Josh shares a special trait with Madonna and Cindy Crawford. He has a beauty mark---right smack on his neck. 6. Also like Cindy, Josh models. He and his Faculty co-stars were in a Tommy Hilfiger ad campaign. 7. Josh likes to shoot hoops, and he's also into baseball. His favorite is the St. Paul Saints, a minor league club. 8. What does Josh have in common with James Van Der Beek? They played football in high school until injuries forced them to quit. Josh tore a ligament in his knee. 9. With his football career sacked, Josh's aunt "coerced" (his words) him into auditioning for an acting company. 10. Josh worked in a video store when he was in high school. That's how he fell in love with movies. 11. When Josh's dad realized his son wanted to act, he sat him down to watch old movies. One movie star Josh idolizes is the late Jimmy Stewart. 12. His other inspiration? Great Expectations star Ethan Hawke. Maybe that's where the shaggy hair comes from. 13.Josh was kicked out of theater school for protesting its policies. 14.One of Josh's first paying jobs was in a Northwest Airlines commercial. Now that's what we call friendly skies! 15. Josh auditioned for The Postman with Kevin Costner but didn't get the part. 16. His first big acting job was as a troubled kid on the short-lived show, Cracker. 17. In his first scene on Cracker, Josh sat on a toilet and talked on a cell phone. 18.Josh made his mark on the Cracker set when he accidently parked his car in the director's spot. He got away with it because he was new. 19. He may star in them, but Josh is totally terrified of horror flicks. 20. Still, Josh wasn't afraid of his H20 co-star Michelle Williams. He says she's a very talented actress. (Rumor has it they dated.) 21. Josh loves his blue knit cap. He wears it so often you'd think it was glued to his head! 22. Now that Josh has gotten a few paychecks, he's bought himself a sporty new Audi. 23. But josh really isn't into the LA glam thing. He admits, "I don't know anyone from LA that is cool." 24. For his upcoming role in The Virgin Suicides, he had to wear hair extensions throughout the whole movie 'cause it takes place in the '70s. 25. Josh is known for his messy 'do--so much that while filming H20, LL Cool J told him, "Hey, comb your hair!" Thanks to Twist magazine for the above information! Whoa WOW His so cute! Hey good lookin' whats cookin'