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Joshua Jackson

Nice Nice ---:)--- Nice Nice Nice Nice Back to index Teen Movieline: Why did you take a small role in the upcoming film, Gossip, in which you costar with Kate Hudson, Marisa Coughlin and Norman Reedus? Joshua Jackson: When I read the script, I wanted to play the role that Norman Reedus got cast in but they made a wise decision by casting him in the role because he's really good. Compared to Norman, I have a lack of experience as a human being and would have had to have faked things that for him were real. So I ended playing a rich debutante asshole, a trust fund baby who lives in a surreal New York environment. That was very different from playing a brilliant and at times shy, awkward teenager on "Dawson's" or a morally empty guy who enjoys torturing the people around him in Cruel Intentions. TM: I heard you were asked to audition for the role Wes Bentley got in American Beauty. Josh: They sent me the script and asked me to go in but I wasn't available for the audition and I didn't think I'd be available for when they were going to shoot it. I see a lot of movies when I'm shooting "Dawson's" in Wilmington [North Carolina] because there's not really a whole lot else to do. So, Katie [Holmes], my friend Mike, who's my new roommate down there, and I went to see American Beauty.It was so good, we didn't speak for almost 20 minutes after we got out of the theater, then we couldn't stop talking about how brilliant it was. I thought, "Man, am I an idiot for not taking that audition?" but then I thought, "Wes Bentley was really, truly awesome." Books in Film: Recent Releases