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Joey Fatone

Joseph Anthony Fatone Jr. ("Joey"), was born January 28, 1977 and is a native of Brooklyn, New York, but his family relocated to Orlando, Florida when he was thirteen. This 6'0" Italian cutie, is the third and youngest child in his family. Joey is a graduate of Dr. Phillips High School in Orlando, where his favorite subjects were drama and chorus. Joey loves to perform. Be it singing and dancing or acting, he has done it all. He has been in many great productions, including Macbeth, Damn Yankees, and Guys and Dolls, and you might recognize him as the Wolfman from the Beetlejuice show at Universal Studios. Joey is a fun loving, easy going guy who gets along well with everyone. His out going personality and his lovable smile make you feel as if you've known him all your life. Joey's favorite movies are Billy Madison and My Life and he likes to listen to the music of Boyz II Men, who also sing his favorite song "Water Runs Dry." Joey strives to be successful in everything he does, but when the work day is over and it's time to relax you can find him kicked back playing video games. When asked what the perfect date would be, Joey replied, "For me the perfect date would be a casual dinner and a movie with someone who is outgoing, trusting and has a great sense of humor." But don't let him fool you, he likes to party, too! If you notice someone busting some moves at the local dance club, look closely. It just might be Joey and his older brother, Steve. Superstar Superstar Superstar Superstar Back to Index