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J.C. Chasez

Biography: Joshua Scott Chasez ("JC") was born August 8, 1976 and is a veteran performer after 4 years on the Disney Channel's Mickey Mouse Club ("MMC"). He was born in Washington, DC and grew up in Bowie, Maryland. JC is the big brother in his family. He has two siblings. He got his big break into show business when he went to an open call audition with a friend. "They picked me out of a large crowd and asked me if I could wait. Finally, after about ten hours, the casting director came back and video taped me and told me that he thought I would be perfect for the part on MMC. I really didn't expect to get the part. I only went to the audition because my friend wanted me to." When asked about his experience on MMC, JC replied, "It was really great. It helped to prepare me for what I'm doing now. We filmed several shows every week, so I'm used to a heavy work schedule. Also, we produced an album and toured quite a bit, so I already know what life on the road is all about. The other really cool thing is that I met Joey and Justin through MMC, so I guess you could say that MMC is ultimately responsible for 'N SYNC getting together! It just seems like fate that we all came together like we did! You never know where your friendships might lead you!" In his spare time, which is very limited, JC, like all the other guys is a big sports fan. His favorite sport is football and his favorite team is the Washington Redskins. When it comes to playing sports, you can always find the guys at the closest basketball goal shooting hoops. But JC also values his quiet time. He really loves going to jazz clubs and coffee houses and listening to some quiet music. He loves the music of Billie Holiday and Harry Connick, Jr. JC is also a big movie buff! He loves to sit around the house and watch a good flick and has quite a collection of movies himself. Some of his favorites are Star Wars 1, 2 and 3, Indiana Jones 1, 2 and 3, and The Never Ending Story. As far as actors and actresses go, he likes Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, Meg Ryan, and Michelle Pfieffer. When asked about himself, JC says his most prized possession is his friends and that his worst quality is procrastination. Luckily he hasn't wasted any time getting 'N SYNC with his buddies! Superstar Superstar Superstar Superstar Superstar Back to Index