Wild Speculation

Here is the page where I spill all my weird theories on why certain characters act they way they do.

Please remember that this is just my mind running away with me. These are mostly just a crazed imagination combined with a repressed romantic streak to see what kind of soap opera I can create with the clues given. Just pleeeeeze don't compare me to Rita Skeeter! I, at least, make things up without an enchanted pen doing all the work and its done in curiousity, not spite...! And before you start PLEASE don't email me to tell me which ones are wrong. I'm waiting for book 5 to update this page.

1) Ok, first off, is it just me or do the descriptions for Sirius and Snape sound awfully similar? Both have sharp features, are described as having slightly hooked noses, long, black hair, glittery eyes and etc. I've wondered if perhaps they are related, which could explain some more of their mutual disgust with each other.

2) This occurred to me awhile ago and it was only then that I discovered that about a million people had thought of it before me...that part of the Snape/Potter rivalry was over Lily. They both could've been in love with her. And Snape could hate Harry all that much more because he was James' child and not his.

3)Are there any other Potters? We know Lily's family, but surely James wasn't the last of his line...(before Harry that is...) Shouldn't Harry have other cousins in the wizard world? Maybe some grandparents?

4) Which reminds me...Tom Riddle is supposed to have looked a lot like Harry...Harry looks like James...Could Harry be descended from Voldemort somehow? It would explain the snake-talking and the heir of Slytherin mess.

5) It says that Voldemort only killed Lily because she got in his way when he tried to kill Harry...Why wouldn't he have killed her too? Unless HE had a thing for her, as well...which would explain him killing James and trying to kill Harry, but not planning on killing her.

More later, I promise!