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Some gathered information on our escapee. I've even got a swiped page of a young Severus Snape's diary! It's a little ripped and you can tell he's upset the way the writng jitters, but hey. (long story on how that came into my hands...) There's a few news clippings about him and some general information. Enjoy!

Sirius Black was a prankster with a dark side. He was the best friend (some said they were more like brothers) of James Potter. Their inner circle also held Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. They were all adventurers and troublemakers, especially on nights of the full moon...

Not all of their fun was innocent, as Sirius very nearly killed their school arch-foe (Severus Snape) by tricking him into the same area as Remus, who was a werewolf. Fortunately, for Snape, James intervened.

Remus' lycanthropy was the only downside to their friendship, so the other three soon turned their hands to shape-shifting as well. This was a dangerous and forbidden pastime, as the spell is difficult and has nasty consequences if botched. Despite the odds, they managed it after three years of study.

To add to his rebel image, Sirius also had a flying motorcycle, until that is, the night Voldemort was detroyed. Before that, Sirius had been James' best friend, best man at James and Lily's wedding, and godfather to their son, Harry. He was also believed to be their Secret-keeper, hiding their location from the Dark Lord within his own soul. At the last minute though, beleiveing himself to be too obvious a choice, Sirius persuaded their mutual friend Peter to hold the secret.

This ended in tears, as Peter turned out to be a servant of Voldemort, and the Potters were betrayed. Sirius arrived just as Hagrid was pulling the infant Harry fromthe wreckage of his home. Realizing what had happened, Sirius gave his motorcycle to Hagrid, and went to avenge his friends.

No one knew that the Potters had taken Peter as their Secret-keeper instead of Sirius, except Peter and Sirius themselves. Now on the run from Wizard justice, Sirius finally cornered Peter on a Muggle street. In a panic, Peter destroyed part of the street, killing several Muggles and leaving his own finger behind to frame his old friend once again.

After he was captured for Peter's 'murder', Sirius was sent to Azkaban prison and watched over by the Dementors. They drained him of his life's happiness, what ther was left and only the thought of his own innocence kept him sane.

His shape-shifting served him well again, as he was able to escape the dreaded prison in the form of Padfoot, a huge black dog. While in prison, he had found the key to Peter's hiding place and once free, he was on his way for revenge. He also had his godson to worry about. Peter was hidden in the perfect place to strike against Harry as soon as the time was right for his dark master.

Sirius did manage to keep an eye on Harry, though he nearly scared him to death a few times also. With the help of Hermione's cat Crookshanks, Sirius was able to get to the traitor Peter, and was reunited with Remus and Harry. Unfortunately, Peter escaped in the confusion of an equally vengeful Snape, a broken leg, and Remus forgetting to drink his anti-werewolf potion.

Without him, there was no way to prove Sirius' innocence in the murder of the Potters or Peter himself, so he escaped again, this time with the equally falsely accused hippogriff, Buckbeak. He is now in hiding, though rumors say that a giant black dog still watches over the orphan Harry Potter. It also seems to have a liking for killing rats, though whether from necessity or obsession is impossible to say. Who knows where he'll turn up next?

Clippings I've found on him from Daily Prophet