Fan Art

Here is some of the artwork I have done, inspired by the story of Harry Potter and, of course, Sirius Black. I'll be adding more on as time permits and if any one has some they'd like to post, just let me know!

James Potter, Harry's ill-fated father.

Sirius Black, Harry's only slightly less ill-fated godfather.

Sirius Black Lives.

Remus Lupin, the werewolf professor. Some say I made him look too feral, but I just sort of see him with sideburns.

Peter Pettigrew.


Caught! Snape comes across some students roaming after hours.


Dobby tries to comfort Winky. So does the bottle. Neither seem to be making much progress.


Luna faces off with a thestral.

Baby Marauders with little plushies of their future animagus forms. I know it's silly.

Another Care of Magical Creatures classes gone least from the students point of view.

Sirius and Peter in their school days.

Luna lovegood and a thestral. Badly colored. I need to redo this one.) The creature, Kreacher. House Elf to the House of Black...(and his Mistress' bloomers.)

A thestral sketch.
Cho and her Swan Patronus. Hermione and her Otter Patronus. Sirius and Buckbeak, falsely accused birds of a feather. A chibi Harry Potter. Sort of. Severus Snape, potionmaster.

Chibi Snape! This was a Severus fansite favorite.
Sirius, looking rough. 'Catching up' with Peter. Sirius and Wormtail. Sirius, looking rough. Happier Times. The wedding picture of Lily and James. (That's Sirius in the black...)

Dobby, the Malfoy's mistreated little house elf.
Hermione Granger, the brains behind the Boy Who Lived. Padfoot and Sirius. The night the truth came out. Sirius Black, behind the enchanted bars of Azkaban. A portrait of the Malfoys. Lucias, Narcissa, and Draco. I need to redo this one...

Padfoot and Crookshanks, keeping an eye on things.
The Gryffindor Quiddich Team!George, Alicia, Angelina, Fred,Katie, Wood, and Harry. Crookshank, Hermione's familiar. Hiding out with Sirius and Buckbeak.

The Hogwarts Staff Chibi-fied. Professor Binns is my favorite.

And now there is a page for fanart donated by others. Have a look!