I am Aurea Tarbula Chicory, named after two obscure saints and a wildflower. I am what you'd call Muggle-born, though I think there's threads of magic spun through my parents. I wasn't found until I was already too old to be at Hogwarts, so I've had to make do the best I can with the magic I can scrounge up. (I'm good at finding missing things as long as they aren't mine and I have power over stray cats that draws them to me...)

I have two cats of my own, Toeknuckle and Glimmershins, who look after my home for me when I'm away. Like Harry Potter, I have glasses and a scar on my forehead. Mine is from a coffee table corner accident, rather than a curse.

My hair is the witchiest thing about me. It appears as different colors to different people. It has been described as brown, blond, and red by people with average sanity and decent eyesight. I have found blood red and black hairs in it, but to my eyes it remains mostly a dingy sorta blond. My only theory is that it changes colors when I'm not paying attention.

Before you laugh at that, you have to realize that my hair does a lot when I'm not paying attention. It changes shape and texture and steals sips from other peoples' drinks.

Several people have asked me how accurate all this information is. To answer a question with another question, if I had lied about my personal information (and let's hope I would have an ethical reason for doing so), why would I explain myself now?

But, for the idly curious, more insight into my inner workings (as determined by the occasional personality quiz) can be seen here.

If you would care to contact me for whatever reason, please do so at this email: