I do not harbor ill feelings towards Dave Anez. Despite storylines involving theft of Josef Stalin's brain in an apparently non-ridiculous manner and frustration expressed towards those who chose not to pay money for cafepress merchandise, I do not blame him for such things. I believe that he has gone mad. There, I said it. At first, he really planned to make a comic strip about Bob and George. But people liked Megaman better. So not only have we been told that our own creation is no good, but the one people prefer we can't legally become millionnaires off of at some mythical moment of extrainternetal popularity in the future.

Dr. Light thinks of everything.

However, I didn't, as official lore insists that Megaman, being a robot in the future can communicate across long distances without a telephone. A telephone with a cord. Ha ha, Bridgetake Man.


First panel is background from the last room of Dracula X, which I guess I must have just finished playing through at the time. Megaman is not standing on anything. The second panel is supposed to be from a different angle, hence the position switch and different background, this time from the opening to Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts, which I must have just started playing at the time. It doesn't match at all.

I don't care what you think. Any comic with Dr. Light in it is automatically funny to me.

Zoink was what was said when Megaman ran away from someone in the Bob and George comic after tricking them into looking away first. Mr. T had not looked away, and the law states Zinc must be said instead. It's true, I looked it up.

If I don't know what colors to use, I strive to be inappropriate.

Although this would indicate I wasn't too far off once it started being colored. I can't verify that's a good thing. It is entirely possible that this strip right here was the first appearance of another bobandgeorge.com comic's character in the wrong comic. I can't prove that, and I hope it's not true, because I would have a lot of apologizing to do if it was.

Yes, turkey. As before, when I don't know any better, I try to be very, obviously wrong.

This background is from Castlevania Bloodlines, which I didn't enjoy less than Dracula X.

"Shitty" is correct, though. I seem to recall Super-Ho characters saying that a lot.

In panel 4 we see a reference that hasn't aged so well. "OCWTSIFT," I think it was called. Every comic featured sprites that looked just like that, and the same featureless green background. I didn't have the right font, so I just copied individual letters. That's annoying, so I only copied a few, along with a suitably sized word ballble. For authenticity, I even opted to not display the main character, who was having some kind of problem in that comic at that time. But after making 100, OCWTSIFT person stopped, and was never seen again. I suspect it was Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes.

Helluva fast.

Here it is, the ultimate evidence I had no idea where to get good backrounds from. Final Fantasy III. Ughh.

All my effects are cheap, special or otherwise.

I hate Smurfs. Even back in a time when I looked forward to the next episode of Teddy Ruxpin I hated the Smurfs. I hate Smurf internet "humor" even more. Whether it's the frequently-forwarded Smurf orgy story, or the corporate "All yer base..." sequel, I'm much ashamed for including that line. Even more so than I am for using that Duke Nukem 3D explosion. I'm surprised to be less ashamed, as that's not even really from Duke Nukem 3D, but from a terrible, horrible Doom edit I inserted it into and actually uploaded somewhere, hence the weird oranggey tint. Different game palettes. Aren't I done with this one yet?

At least he admits it.

How bad is too bad?

Apparently, Megaman sleeps standing up. Right, like a horse.

If you don't understand this, you're fortunate. Or maybe I just don't edit sprites very well. We've already verified that to be true.

No, the dog-thing's name isn't Cheese. Try again.

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