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Here's my page for Information Technology

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  • Hi. My name is Mark Ramsay. This course is about computers, the internet, and how to use them. I heard about the net from a freind and i bugged my parents to get it. I'm connected to nbnet. It's not a very good course because it is too confusing. If it wasn't for other students helping other students we would be going nowhere.

    I chose scenario 2. This scenario could never happen because the net is run by businesses. Without businesses there would be no net plus the wave of the future is businesses on the net. Eventually we will all be, in one form or another, connected to the world wide web.

    Also the web needs to be more secure. Right now if somebody wanted some information on almost anything and if they had some knowledge of computer hacking, they could get almost anything they wanted. Electronic commerce will continue to grow at an alarming rate but as this grows perhaps we will develop programs to help us be more secure.

    In my opinion content regulation is definately possible. If we wanted to we could have super computers to search the net and pick out any undesirable material but on the other hand you've also got to look at freedom of speech and expression issues. I'm sure this problem will be solved just as numerous other ones have been.

    The internet is and is going to be a bigger medium in the future. It is extremely useful to influence people for the better and for the worse. The majority of material on the web is acceptable to most people and is generally descent material. I think it will cancel out TV and the printed word in the distant future but not radio. Radio will be used in the future but through our PC's.

    The internet is amazing in all aspects. It can influence, inform, do business or do almost anything we ask it to do. It's up to us how we use it.