The Warner Family

Tool Makers of
Middletown, Connecticut


Warner Hammer Company

Isaac Warner

Warner & Coles (1830-?).

Marvin R. & Isaac H. Warner

Warner's & Noble

Warner & Noble

Warner's U.S.A.

Warner, U.S.A.

The Warner Hammer Company

Tools Made: Hammers, Brick Scutches, Cold, Cape, Floor and Ripping Chisels, Ripping Bars, Screw Drivers,Nail Sets, Center Punches and Tack Pullers.

Working Dates: 1818 to 1931.

Established 1818 Incorporated 1909.

     Isaac Warner, blacksmith, made hammers in Middletown starting in 1818. He was born in New Haven and moved to Middletown in the late 1700s. His first home there, still standing, is located at 33 Ferry Street.(This house was later owened by my Grand Father and Grand Mother, Antonio and Sebastiana Amenta). The shop was located at the foot of Washington St. Map M. There he operated four forges and is credited with originating the claw hammer. Decker states Warner might have been the first claw hammer manufacturer in this country. I was able to find another two references with this information. The oldest is J. H. Beers, 1903. His marks are below. Augustus Coles, Born 16 July 1810 in Middlefield and Died 1 December 1876 in Essex, apprenticed at the Warner shop.

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                                                    Fig. 1                                                                     Fig. 2

Claw hammer Marked "I. WARNER".

Fig. 2A

Warner21.jpg (76768 bytes)

Claw hammer Marked "I. WARNER


Warner19.JPG (77996 bytes)

The Warner house 33 Ferry Street

     Isaac's sons Marvin R. and Issac H. Warner, in association with William P. Allison made hammers in the Nooks area of the Middletown Upper Houses, after 1851, this area became the town of Cromwell. Map R & U. The partnership started in 1846 and ended in 1849. The Warners then moved to west Cromwell. (Walling). The mark was Fig. 3. The company moved to a new factory in the 1900's.

 Warner11.jpg (11834 bytes)     Warner9.jpg (19363 bytes)

(Photos courtesy of MWTCA member Bill Warner, Nappanee, IN)

Fig. 3

Marked "M.R. & I.H. WARNER / CAST STEEL"

William M. Noble became a partner in 1849. After Noble joined the mark was WARNERS & NOBLE, Fig. 4. Picture courtesy of Tim Croan.

Warner12.jpg (8136 bytes)

Fig. 4.



     Isaac sold his shares in the company and the mark became WARNER & NOBLE, Fig. 6. Also, WARNER & NOBLE / CAST STEEL, Fig. 7, two lines. This happened after 1877. The heading on the invoice below, provided by Ken Bassett, Fig. 10, is WARNERS & NOBLE. In 1884 Noble sold his shares to Marvin’s son, Chauncey and the business was M. R. Warner & Son. Chauncey' son Willis Warner, b. 1883, is listed in the 1910 as a hammer manufacturer and in the 20 census as an advertisement manager in a Manufacturing shop. (This entry is not very clear). The 1930 census has him as a salesman in a stock office.

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Fig. 5.

9 1/2 inch jeweler's hammer.

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Fig. 6


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Fig. 7





Below is a mark for Warner's U.S.A.

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Fig. 8

Marked "WARNER'S U.S.A.".

Warner26.JPG (201879 bytes)

Fig. 9

Marked "WARNER'S U.S.A.


Photo courtesy of Andrew Ziec.

     (Photo below courtesy of MWTCA member Bill Warner, Nappanee, IN)

Warner7.jpg (9824 bytes)            

Fig. 10

Marked "WARNER, U.S.A."

     The 1916 invoice supplied by Ken Bassett shows that the company now made edge tools. Fig. 11. The company ended in 1931.

The following invoices were supplied by MWTCA member Ken Bassett, Tacoma, WA.

Warner6.jpg (140707 bytes)

  Fig. 11

1877 invoice.

     Notice the variety of hammers made.

Warner5.jpg (151062 bytes)

Fig. 12

1916 invoice.

     This invoice from Ken Bassett supplied the link for the Warner family. Fig.11 shows the established date, 1818. The trademark in the upper left corner marked WARNER & NOBLE. Fig. 12 is a picture of the trademark on a ripping hammer. This is the only mark on it.

Warner2.jpg (34964 bytes)

Fig. 13

     Marvin Warner served as Justice of the Peace for many years. Also as Cromwell's representative in the State legislature, 1852-52. He was a Selectman for several years and held other town positions. (Beers,).

     Below is an undated picture of the Warner Hammer Factory and a hammer display at the society. (Photos courtesy of the Cromwell Historical Society)


Warner Hammer Factory.

Warner3.jpg (20639 bytes)

Fig. 15

Display at the Cromwell Historical Society.

Warner4.jpg (25898 bytes)


Warner15.jpg (199940 bytes)

Fig. 16

Various hammers made by The Warner Company

Warner24.jpg (165087 bytes)


Warner25.jpg (820275 bytes)

Fig. 17


Catalog 1920?

Warner22.jpg (365640 bytes)


Front Page from Catalog.

Warner23.jpg (247971 bytes)

The family plot is located in the old center cemetery in Cromwell.

Warner14.jpg (573381 bytes)

Fig. 18.


Also see William P. Allison and  W. M. Noble.

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