Stevens, J. & E.

Tool Makers of
Middletown, Connecticut


John and Elisha Stevens

Tools Made: Small hammers, tack & shoe, axes.

Working Dates: 1843-1950.

     The factory was located in upper Middletown, known as the upper houses. In 1851 this area become Cromwell. The pictures below are of some the remaining factory buildings. Located on Nooks Hill Road in Cromwell. Map T. The bottom building now houses Horton Brasses Inc. The brick building is used for storage. More pictures here.

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This is now Horton Brasses, Inc. They make a variety of brass and iron knobs, hinges etc.

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This is a copy of a drawing of the factory buildings in 1843 and 1953. It is hanging on the wall in the Horton Brasses office.

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Drawing below from Ref. 69, C1896.

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Below is the 1889 Sanborn Insurance Map of the factory.

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     Pages from their 1874 and 1904 catalogs. Thanks to Bill Jones of the Mechanical Bank Collectors of America. Web http://www.mbca.com


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