Seth Savage

Nelson & Savage

Tool Makers of
Middletown, Connecticut


Tools Made: Rules and squares made of Ivory, Boxwood, Brass and German Silver.

Working Dates: C1842-55.

     In 1842 he was partnered with Merrick Nelson. On 22 April 1843 Carter & Company was formed. A co-partnership between Benjamin Carter, Merrick Nelson and Seth Savage. Their shop was on Williams Street. They bought the stock and tools of Asa Richardson & Co.

     In 1847 the copartner-ship of Carter & Co. was dissolved. Seth Savage purchased the stock and tools and continued the business.

     I don't have a start date but the company was bought by the A. Stanley & Company in February 1855. An S. Savage is listed as an employee of the Starr Arms Company in 1826. Also, S. Savage had property on Vine Street. Map S. Ref. 59 has Seth Savage operating a saw mill in Berlin in 1856.


Savage1.jpg (19055 bytes)


20 inch try square

Savage2.jpg (10920 bytes)


Marked "S. SAVAGE




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