Middletown Tool Co.

Tool Makers of
Middletown, Connecticut


Tools Made: Metal planes, plane irons, chisels, wrenches.

Working Dates: 1854-78.    Incorporated 1854.   Declared insolvent in 1879. Decertified 1905. Ref. 64 Page 520.

     They made metal planes, plane irons, chisels, wrenches, try squares, plane hardware, washer cutters, ivory rules, gauges, etc. Part of the Mark on the wrenches made by the Globe Manufacturing Company and this company are the same. Also see Globe card on the Globe page. Ref. 3 lists a plane patented by George A. Weaver of Hartford was made by this company. It was not assigned to them in the original patent papers.

     The company was listed in the 1877 and 1878 City Directory as making plane makers supplies, located on Middlefield Road. Map C. The factory buildings were used by the Baldwin Tool Co. Ref. 37 has them incorporated in 1854. They are not listed in the 1879 City Directory but appear to have been replaced by Work & Bonfoey. Globe succeeded the Middletown Tool Co.

     Work & Bonfoey is listed as making plane making goods and as a hardware manufacturer. I found some ruins that might be the old factory. They are on Wadsworth Street, the road to Rockfall. In 1874 C. E Jackson was president of this company.

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                                                Plow Plane Iron.                                                                    Marked "MIDDLETOWN TOOL CO".


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                                           Marked "MIDDLETOWN                                    Pocket Wrench



     Patents issued or assigned to this company or one of its owners. See Section 4 for the patent papers. See Section 6 for more Middletown patents. 

Name                                         Pat. No.            Item         Issue Date

Weaver, George L.                   160,132             Plane       Feb. 23, 1875


Below is an ad from the 1875-76 Middletown City Directory.


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1874 Map Note James Tidgewell factory.

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