Charles & Fred HUBBARD

Tool Makers of
Middletown, Connecticut


Charles C. Hubbard

Fred W. Hubbard.

Tools Made: Rules, squares, sliding T-bevels, spoke shaves and marking gauges. 

Working Dates: C1850-57+.  

      They had an ad in the Middletown Constitution in 1855 stating they were going to make rules exclusively. They were selling all the machinery for making try squares, gauges and sliding T-bevels.

     I have very little information on this company. Reported in the New London (CT) Daily Chronicle, Jan 9, 1856 a fire destroyed a building housing this company, Cooley & Co. and Chamberlain & Lewis Co. The buildings were on the corner of Church and Hamblin Street.   Map Y.

     Pictured is a try square.

Hubbardcf2.jpg (18823 bytes)    Hubbardcf1.jpg (18141 bytes)

                                            Marked "C. & F. HUBBARD

                                                            MIDDLETOWN CT".


Hubbardcf3.jpg (17997 bytes)

Try square and sliding T-bevel.


Patents issued or assigned to this company or one of its owners. See ref. 24 for more Middletown patents.

Name                             Pat. No     Item                                                                 Issue Date

Hubbard, Samuel C.      17606       Gradual lineal measure machine                6/16/1857

Assigned to Hubbard, C. (Charles C.)  & F.


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