Tool Makers of
Middletown, Connecticut


I would like to thank the following people for their help.

Erich Pfeffer for the pictures of the Chamberlain, Lewis & Co. rule.

Deborah Beacham for the picture of the Victor Mfg. Co.  Stock Certificate.

The Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation for the information on Connecticut mills.

I found more new information on my July trip to Connecticut. I received help from a number organizations and individuals.

Dave Corrigan, Museum Curator, Museum of Connecticut History and the staff at the Connecticut State Library.

The Connecticut State Historical Society.

The Godfrey Memorial Library and Russell Library in Middletown.

The Meriden Public Library.

The ABANA, The Artist-Blacksmith’s Association of North America, https://abana.org/ for help on a blacksmith term for the page on Samuel C. Ward.

Andrew Ziec for the photo of the Warner's Forged Steel hammer.

Martin J. Donnelly Auctions for the picture of the Hotchkiss Mfg. Co. rule.

Jeff Joslin Woodworking machinery historian for Vintage Machinery for info on the Douglas Lathe.

Rose Paul and George Springston for a Picture of a Tidgewell & Co. Sliding T-Bevel.

F. Michael McGrath New Glasgow, NS, Canada for pictutes on a large Tidgewell square.

Martin J. Donnelly Auctions for the picture of the Barnes & Johnson rule.

Kyle Dandeneau for the pictures of the Pratt Parallel Dividers.

Bruce Pratt for the new Hubbard H. W. Co. mark.

Jim Fox for the pix of the T. C. Crouch marking gauge.

Jim Bode Tools for use of a picture of a Warwick Surface Gauge.

Dan Wilmes, a boat maker from East Haddam, CT. for pointing out that the W/C ashtray is a Dory not a Whaleboat.

Paul Belanger, member of EAIA, MWTCA & OTCA for the new info on H. F. Taylor.

Juan Ramos, Arlington, MA. for a picture his Douglas hand pump.

Jim Fox for the picture of a Tidgewell & Co. morticing gauge.

Juliane Silver of the Middlesex County Historical Society for new info on the Penfields.

Debby Shapiro of the Middlesex County Historical Society for pix of the E.W.N. Starr Plane Iron Price list and Baldwin Tool stock certificates purchased by Starr.

Pictures of a Brass Trade token provided by Dan Hemperly, Hamden, CT.

Bill Warner for pictures of Warner hammers and M.R. & I.H. WARNER mark.

Ken Bassett for the copies of the Warner Family Invoices.

Richard F. Donohue, Cromwell Historical Society finding the right book on Cromwell history.

Phil Stanley for information on the uses of the Carter caliper.

Philip Platt and Milton Bacheller for the new information on B. Carter.

Cliff Fales for the pictures of the Hubbard Hardware Co. rules.

Rodelle Treggiari  of Salem, MA for the photos of the H. Wetherell plane.

Nathan Dickerson for checking the display of the pages.

John Goss for checking the spelling and display of the pages.

SSGT Ken Beyers, USAF for help with the ftp.


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