N. H. Closson

Tool Makers of
Middletown, Connecticut


Tools Made: Carpenter tools and planes.

Working Dates: 1842-58.

N. (Nehemiah) H. Closson

Listed in Ref. 82 as manufacturing joiners' tools.

     I have not seen any other tools by him with the exception of the rule and hammer below. The rule is 2 foot, four fold. The name and location is on the top edge. The hammer has his name but he was not a blacksmith.

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Closson1.jpg (10441 bytes)


                        MIDDLETOWN Ct    *"


    He was not listed as a blacksmith in any publication but he did make farm plows in the 1840s. So it is possible he made hammers also.

Closson3.jpg (735650 bytes)

Marked "N. H. CLOSSON".

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